Body found in mansion: Cause of death revealed for Massachusetts millionaire family

Teena Kamal, 54, Rakesh Kamal, 57, and their daughter Ariana were found at home (Image source:

A family of three was found dead in their $5 million mansion in a tragic murder-suicide, authorities said.

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Rakesh Kamal, 57, his wife Teena, 54, and daughter Arianna, 18, were found by a relative in Massachusetts on Thursday after her husband Rakesh Kamal was found to have shot his wife and daughter before committing suicide.

The Norfolk District Attorney’s Office claimed that the gun he used was not registered to his name and that he did not have a license to possess it. The decision was based on an early autopsy performed on the family. The final autopsy report is expected to take several weeks to complete.

The couple’s daughter, a first-year neuroscience major at Middlebury College in Vermont, was at home for Christmas when the tragedy occurred.

Testing of the weapon is ongoing, but Rakesh appears to be using a .40 caliber Glock 22, although it is unclear where the weapon was purchased. A motive for the murder has not been released, only that it was a murder-suicide. However, the family is reportedly facing financial problems.

The Kamals purchased a 19,000-square-foot mansion with 11 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms in 2019 for $5 million. But the purchase left them in a financial bind and the house was sold to Wilsondale Associates for just $3m (£2.3m) before being foreclosed on last year.

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