Bodyguard. A remake of the movie is being made. Who will play instead of Whitney Houston

One of the producers of the new version of “Bodyguard” will be Lawrence Kasdan, the writer and producer of the original film. The screenplay for the new version of the film will be written by Tony-nominated playwright Matthew Lopez (“Newsroom”). It is not known who will star. The design of this remake has been talked about in Hollywood since at least 2011, and during this time there has been speculation about various potential lead actors. The speech was about, among others Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson as well as Channing Tatum and Cardi B. Interestingly, the screenplay was made in the 1970s. It was written with Steve McQueen and Diana Ross in mind.

The protagonist of “Bodyguard” is a renowned bodyguard and former CIA agent, Frank Farmer (Kevin Costner). One of his next jobs is to protect popular singer and actress Rachel Marron (Whitney Houston). The artist has been harassed by a dangerous fan for some time. Though Rachel and her new bodyguard initially disagree, a feeling soon develops between them.

The film, directed by Mick Jackson, grossed over $ 400 million in cinemas around the world. This made it the second highest-grossing film of 1992. The soundtrack of the film sold over 45 million copies. It includes such hits as “I Will Always Love You”, “I’m Every Woman” or “I Have Nothing”. Bodyguard was also nominated for Golden Raspberries in seven categories, including worst film, actor and actress.

Matthew Lopez’s greatest success to date is “The Inheritance” staged in 2018 at London’s Young Vic Theater. There, it was described as the most important American art of the century. Currently, Lopez works, among others on the script of “Leading Men” about Tennessee Williams and his longtime partner, Frank Merlo.

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