Boeing 747 takes off from Milan with the all-female crew. “This is the first time for Italian civil aviation” –

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The four-engine aircraft piloted by the commander Paola Gini and the first officer Vivien Allais. The cargo plane flew over 10 hours from Malpensa to Seoul, South Korea

Cargolux’s Boeing 747 took off on 20 September from Milan Malpensa airport to Seoul, South Korea, not only was it full of goods. It was also flown by two women, commander Paola Gini and first officer Vivien Allais, in what was the first flight with the all-female crew in the history of Italian civil aviation. And it is destined not to be the last in a sector where gender (in) equality still remains a problem.

The faces

To signal the curiosity is the Facebook group of enthusiasts “Boeing 747 The Queen of the Skies”. In the two photos – authorized by Cargolux, one of the most important freight transport companies in the world flying the Luxembourg flag – you can see Gini, 46, originally from Torviscosa (in the province of Udine) and commander for the airline for 12 years, alongside Allais, also Italian, from Coazze (Turin) and with precedents in other airlines.

The route

Gini and Allais operated flight C8 8732 Milan Malpensa-Seoul Incheon with the Boeing 747 registered Lx-Ucv (and christened “Tre Cime di Lavaredo”). The aircraft, a four-engine aircraft, took off at 15.55 from the airport in the province of Varese – according to the routes of Flightradar24 – to land in the Asian country ten and a half hours later following a route south of Ukraine and Russia for the war events and the ban on EU aircraft from Russian skies.

The statistics

The gap between male and female pilots remains large in global air transport, although there is no lack of efforts by airlines to reduce the gap. According to the latest statistics, which date back to 2021 and are also affected by the pandemic, India is confirmed as the country with the highest number of female drivers: 12.4% of the total. Ireland (9.9%) and South Africa (9.8%) follow. Then Australia (7.5%) and Canada (7%). If you look at each segment, in cargo the female commanders and first officers are 5% against a world average of 5.8 for the entire sector.

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