Bolt’s 200m record on Lyles’ mind

Fabienne Le Floc, Media365 Published on Thursday, August 24, 2023 at 11:46 am

After winning gold in the 100m at the World Championships in Budapest, Noah Lyles is looking to achieve the double in his favorite event, the 200m. And why not beat Usain Bolt’s world record.

Noah Lyles announced the colors just days before the start of the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary. The 26-year-old American wanted to achieve Tough Double 100m-200mwhile running 100m in 9”65 and 200m in 19”10, which would mean beat the world record Held by Usain Bolt since the Berlin Worlds in 2009 (19”19). Lyles has already won part of his bet, the first time this has happened 100m world champion Last Sunday, even though he didn’t run as fast as expected (9”83). But now keep his preferred distance as 200 metres.

“The Distance I Love Most”

“The 100m was the hardest, now it’s behind me, I will be able to enjoy the distance I love the most”, assured the two-time world champion in 200m (Doha in 2019 and Eugene in 2022). The win definitely boosted the confidence of the Floridians, who already had a lot of confidence. Noah Lyles, the third fastest man in history over 200 metres, therefore believes more than ever in his dreams of a double in the short sprint, which would be the first since Usain Bolt in 2015.

It should be said that 200 meters is the favorite distance of the American runner. The two-time reigning world champion in distance running, he is the author of world best performance of the year (19”47) & holder 4th best performance ever, Built in Eugene in 2022 (19”31). Suffice it to say she has a half-lap margin, even if she has to be wary of Sunday’s 100m silver medalist Letsile Tebogo (19’50) and her compatriot Arianne Knighton (19’49). ,

“It’s a dream come true”

But Noah Lyles knows it will be up to him if he wants to break Bolt’s record. “In the 100m, I still need to improve a lot to be considered for the record,” he admitted. in 200m i just need to improve my first half And this dream can become a reality”. Answer on the Hungarian track on Friday evening, during the final. Meanwhile, Noah Lyles, without any pressure, wins his series (20″05) to qualify for the semi-finals on Thursday (8:20 pm).

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