Bonelli and Fratoianni, the stubborn pacifist and the mediator of the G8 of Alleanza Verdi-Sinistra-

from Alessandra Arachi

The two leaders of the Green-Left Alliance protagonists in these days of the negotiation with the secretary dem Letta for the alliance in the center-left coalition

Everything can be said of Angelo Bonelli and Nicola Fratoianni except that they have not always been consistent with their ideas, since the times of adolescence. Ecologist in every possible facet, the first. Diplomatic revolutionary in the service of the losers, the second. Both gentle, he must be recognized. They were not known to the general public before this election campaign. Certainly: not so much as to win headlines every day in newspapers and early evenings on TV. Sixty-year-old Roman Bonelli, fifty-year-old Pisan who emigrated to the south Fratoianni. To understand their characters, perhaps it is enough to hear their public outings these days, protagonists of a long-distance duel with the leader of Action.

Bonelli: Does Calenda define me offal? I answer him with a smile. Fratoianni: Is Calenda attacking me on Twitter? I tell him that I would like to talk to him, I talk to everyone. True: he has always talked to everyone, Fratoianni. Mediator even in the hot days of the G8 in Genoa, when as Luca Casarini’s alter ego he has always called for justice without being violent. Let’s get ready to block ports, airports, highways, stations, but let’s do it with our hands up, naked to expose power, pacifist suggested to the no-global comrades for the demonstrations after the G8 in Genoa, those that worried the then Minister of ‘ Interior of the Berlusconi government Claudio Scajola.

Weaver by definition Fratoianni he moved to Puglia in 2004 and ended up in the arms of Nichi Vendola. And here he shows off his diplomacy by making Vendola win his battles starting with the 2005 primaries against Francesco Boccia. Elected to the Chamber in 2013, Fratoianni still sits there. Bonelli no, it cannot be said that he is a skilled weaver, who entered the Chamber in 2006 and left in 2008 and never returned. But the powerful passion of his acting characterized all of his political activity. And his daring that led him to become the target of violent threats several times. In 2000 they set fire to his house in Ostia. In 2016 he received a package with parts of animals. Last year the infamous writing on the front door. He had put a spoke in the wheel of mafias and local violent groups. But he, fighter: I’m not giving up.

Bonelli never gives up, combative but also always pacifist. His indefinite defense of green, his inveterate hatred of nuclear power. His boundless love for the Amazon and for his Indian friends. And then: his dedication to animals. From the greyhounds of Viale Marconi in Rome to the beagles of Montichiari in Green Hill, in order to defend the dogs, Bonelli demonstrates alongside her competitor, Michela Brambilla. Then, in 2014, the killing of the bear Danzica, in Trentino. An affront for Bonelli who comes to ask for the head of the then Minister of the Environment Gianluca Galletti.

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