Bonucci, Di Maria and Paredes to be hunted

Revolution, renewal, purge. The never-ending crisis of Juventus 2022/23 out of the Champions League, with the pass to the Europa League not so obvious and 10 points from Napoli in the league, he requires great reflections in the Juventus home. From the final whistle after the flop of Lisbonto tell the truth already at the end of the first half on a disappointing and depressing 3-1 for the Portuguese, the social media of the Old Lady are in the throes of a storm of comments that obviously affects the most responsible: from the president Lambs to the coach Merry passing through the number one suspects culprits.

Juventus crisis: how many mistakes from Agnelli to Allegri

The momentaccio of Juventus requires big and small reflections. But also of decisions because in this way, a couple of victories and then thin and resounding defeats, we cannot go on. In the short, medium and long term. An analysis that invests the current situation to avoid collapse; the one in view of the January market to try to straighten the shack; the one with a horizon on the next season to avoid repeating mistakes and reversing the trend of recent years.

Juve, how much Marotta and the Ronaldo operation are missing

He points this out Ivan Zazzaroni in his editorial on the Corriere dello Sport today with an emblematic title “Juve, the price of the nine championships” where it starts from the origin of the sore Juventus which lies right in the tail of a winning streak in Italy never seen before, 9 scudetti seasoned by Italian Cups and Italian Super Cups.

The price of the nine consecutive league titles can also be considered, even if presented in a discreet delay. From too much to nothing, from national domination to European failure, from choices repeatedly centered on Ronaldo gambling, from the missed upgrade to a series of evaluation errors and unforeseen and bad luck that has produced a dramatic downsizing of objectives, consents and resources. In Lisbon, Juve knew hell.

Juve have squandered an abysmal advantage in a few seasons against the rest of Italy, which allowed her to be a protagonist at the Champions League banquet, touching it on a couple of occasions, but also with memorable matches, even if they ended badly, in Munich or Madrid. The all-in with Ronaldo cost a lot, economically and not only since Juve broke definitively with Marotta on the Cr7 operation and then went on to make Inter’s fortunes. Not to mention the questionable choices on the bench: from Allegri to Sarri and back via the neophyte Pirlo. Consistency and project these strangers.

Juve bankruptcy, fans: “Enough Bonucci, Paredes and Di Maria”

Sifting through the social networks of the Juventus fans for two days now, the Juventus team is in trend topic but not with a single name but with several. They are all presumed guilty of this failure, announced for some, bad surprise for others after a transfer campaign that seemed to relaunch the ambitions of Juve.

Allegri and Agnelli guilty n ° 1 of the Juventus crisis

There is no doubt about the two biggest culprits for the fans. President and coach occupy the front row of a grid of responsibilities. So much so that next to the long-standing hashtag #AllegriOut that has been popping up for some time #AgnelliOut in which the Bianconeri property is asked in a loud voice, Elkann and Exorto relieve the Juventus president from his post, author at the forefront of many of the latest choices, including that of bringing Allegri back to the Juventus bench.

Juve, from social media: “no more old guard, from Bonucci to Cuadrado”

Bonucci, the image of a Juve that no longer exists. The image, reiterated by Bonucci who repeatedly fails, from Milan against Diaz, “to the assist” for Benfica’s 4-1, stands out on many noticeboards of Juventus fans who ask for his head. To tell the truth for some time. Unlike other senators, his “escapade” to Milanello to wear the Milan shirt weighs like a boulder on the captain, that goal with exultation at the Stadium. Never forgiven, now it has become unbearable for the Juventus supporters: “From bench until the end of the contract” some write, “I prefer to play all season with Gatti and Rugani” others add up.

“Cuadrado unwatchable, just Juan and thank you” is another of the leitmotifs of the black and white social networks. The Colombian who last summer exercised the option on his contract to renew another season is a distant relative of the one who knew how to make a positive difference. “Now instead he does it in the negative” accuses a fan with the image of the hand ball and defensive amnesia costing the 2-1 penalty with Benfica, frustrating the equal of a moment before.

Di Maria and Paredes away from Juventus: unleashed fans

Other than the new that advances, indeed in the case of Juve that is sent back to the sender. The fans are clamoring that as early as January the two Argentines, Of Maria And Paredes who should have made the difference by bringing Juve back to their former glory, pack their bags, or rather don’t come back from the World Cup. Almost a soap opera their arrival. And to say that Juve had got rid of Dybala to welcome El Fideo.

Why Juventus fans hate Di Maria.

The company had offered him a two-year contract, Angel Di Maria he refused, signing for Juve only for a year almost exclusively to prepare for the World Cup with Argentina. Then the continuous injuries, the red without remedy in Monza, the photo with the Argentine shirt on social media thinking exclusively of Qatar and finally the words on the desire to return to the Rosario to end his career. Many, too many ideas to arouse the anger of the fans: “Enough, let’s make it happy! To be sent to Argentina in the morning ”many write.

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