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Again on Bonucci, because we think that it must be clear to everyone what happened on Sunday and that yesterday the Juventus fans reproached him. No one, after the defeat in Monza, asked him to bring his teammates under the guest curve, where the Juventus ultras were staying. No one has forced him to take buckets of shovelfuls of his own and have his companions take them. On Monday, unaware (and forgive the quote) we wrote «And those repeated penances which the team must undergo at the end of the game, to cleanse themselves of defeats by being overwhelmed with whistles and insults from the fans? Are they really necessary? ‘ Naive, we thought it was a “blackmail” that the players had to undergo, to avoid worse ones. But no, yesterday we discovered – with the hostile statement from the Bianconeri ultras – that it was only a personal initiative of Bonucci, evidently eager to show the world the public prostration of the team, for a defeat to which he obviously had not contributed, excluded by technical choice from the game.

Bonucci had been the worst in the field against Benfica, then 2 saves had helped to save his game and limit Juventus’ defeat in numbers. Bonucci is 35 years old and has long since stopped shifting the balance, as he liked to say at the time of his fleeting experience in Milan (2017-18 season) when suddenly without the guardian angels Barzagli and Chiellini he proved his real value as a normal player. Max Allegri, whom we often criticize, was the first to understand that he was a defender who was quicker in speaking than in foot, one who has always been the first weapon to stop opponents to turn around and show him his rear.

Yet in the summer Juventus did badly, thinking they could rely on Bonucci to lead the defense after Chiellini. And here the mistake is unforgivable, you can’t find out in September, when the coach already knew everything for years. Via De Ligt and inside Bremer, someone obviously hypothesized that Gatti was ready, while in Monza it became clear that this is not the truth. There remains a hole in the workforce, which can be remedied from time to time by moving Danilo or changing form, but one cannot live in a continuous emergency, otherwise it is no longer an emergency but a state of things, necessity.

Bonucci’s numbers, starting with the appearances in the national team (116, one less than Chiellini, but 38 more than Scirea) are top-notch. But Bonucci has never been a champion, he just had the good fortune of being in the right place, at the right time, when the Juve of the 9 Scudetti took off. On Friday, Bonucci – excluded from Allegri against Monza – will probably be on the field, and as captain, in Italy that challenges England at San Siro. A technical and personal absurdity, from which it is not clear why Roberto Mancini does not know how to escape. The sense of relying on a 35-year-old who contributed to 2 eliminations from the World Cup?

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