Bonus, here are all the documents to avoid having problems with the tax authorities

What needs to be done to cash out the bonuses. Here are all the documents you need to avoid problems with the tax authorities.

A few days ago circular number 28 / E was published on the Agenzia delle Entrate website, in which the documents necessary to collect the benefit of the relative bonus were communicated. These must be delivered to the Caf and exhibited in case there is a control by the Tax Authority.

Here come the clarifications by the Revenue Agency regarding the renovations. Here’s what you need to do to cash out the bonuses. Taxpayers must show a series of documents. The list is quite long and goes from the substitutive declaration, with which the taxpayer certifies that he possesses the subjective requirements to benefit from the bonus, to the administrative qualifications to carry out the work.

Here are the documents you need to keep in order to receive the restructuring bonus money. These must be delivered to the Caf and must be shown to the taxmanin case of controls.

This is the list:

  • invoice or receipt for the expenses incurred;
  • administrative qualifications showing the type of work, the starting date and the deductibility of the expenses incurred;
  • document of the bank or postal transfer showing the payment, tax code of the person who obtains the deduction and the tax code or VAT number of the person who received the transfer;
  • documents relating to the expenses for which the bank transfer cannot be made (for example, payment of urbanization taxes, withholding taxes on wages, stamp duty and fees paid for concessions, authorizations and notifications of start of work)
  • self-certification certifying the total sum of expenses incurred on which the deduction by all those entitled to the bonus is calculated;
  • declaration of the condominium administrator who certifies that he has fulfilled all the obligations required by law and confirms the amount of the sum paid by the condominium and the extent of the deduction;
  • self-certification that awaits the sum of the expenses on which the deduction is calculated by the entitled parties and that this does not exceed the admissible limit;

If there is no condominium administrator, it is necessary to view all the documentation regarding the deductions. And then you need the self-certification that confirms the work carried out and indicates the cadastral data of the real estate units that are part of the condominium.

In the end, in addition to this documentation of the restructuring bonus, the taxpayer must keep also the deed of transfer of the property, in the event that it contains the provision of the maintenance of the right to deduction for the transferor; the copy of the communication sent to the Service Center or the Operations Center of Pescara and the postal receipt of the registered letter, for works prior to January 1, 2011. This is used to check whether this was sent before or on the same day as the start date of the works reported in the same communication.

Then the prior communication indicating the start date of the work to the local health authority, if this is mandatory. Finally, a substitutive declaration certifying that the taxpayer has not benefited from the assignment of the credit or discount on the invoice.

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