Bonus pellet stoves, how to play in advance

In about ten weeks, depending on the geographic location, we will be forced to put on heavier clothes. Playing ahead is shrewd, where not essential, because an autumn and a winter in the sign of austerity await us, between prices and energy shortages, above all gas, which impose the idea of ​​a probable rationing on the government. .

It is therefore necessary to review alternative sources of heat that are cheaper and that escape the logic of quotas. Among these the stoves fed to pelletsfor the purchase of which there are incentives.

How does the bonus pellet stoves work?

The bonus can fall under two different logics. The first is that ofecobonus to the 65%, up to a maximum of 30 thousand euros, but only for energy redevelopment of buildings already registered in the land registry or whose registration procedure is in progress. It cannot therefore be applied to buildings under construction.

The second logic, that of facilitation tax of 50%falls within the bonus mobile because biomass-fueled stoves are considered as extraordinary maintenance as required by the 2022 budget law. The maximum deductible amount is 10 thousand euros for 2022, this means that the purchase and eventual installation of pellets must be completed by 31 December 2022.

In fact, biomass stoves are considered in the same way as a heat pump air conditioning system which, however, can also be used to heat rooms.

The 50% bonus is applicable to each individual stove regardless of whether it has a smoke management or not, even if combined with the traditional heating system. Beyond the facilitation, it should be considered that it is possible to use the traditional boiler for a few hours a day and operate the pellet stove during the rest of the day, thus achieving considerable savings and keeping the rooms at a pleasant temperature even during the in which the climate is more severe.

How to claim the bonus

For the 50% personal income tax deduction, it is necessary to document and certify the expenses at the time of the tax return. For the eco-bonus, the seller or the installer must make the necessary communication to Enea, the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development.

In addition to documentation tax, the proof of payment whether they are invoices, wire transfers or credit or debit card transactions. Those who pay in cash, by checks or by means of payment that are not clearly traceable cannot benefit from the concessions.

In both cases it is necessary that the seller or the installer certify that the stove falls within the parameters established by Law 152/2006.

The pellet

It is obtained from various plant sources, including wood and its processing waste. In recent months the price of pellets is increasedstocking up in advance is therefore wise because in the month of August, normally, the price begins to increase due to the natural market demands.

In addition to saving money, pellets have less impact on the environment. To achieve both objectives, it is advisable to buy only pellets of quality certifiedsince the poorer varieties produce a greater quantity of fumes and combustion residues which, by clogging the stove, increase consumption.

Last but not least, pay attention to scams. The website reports that the Guardia di Finanza has seized 1.5 million bags of counterfeit pellets, or 5,000 tons. Currently, the site reports, due to growing demand, material shortages and inflation, a 15 kilogram bag of pellets costs between 15 and 20 euros. Finding them on the market at much lower prices should induce caution.

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