Bonuses for Polish footballers for promotion to M¦? “We didn’t hear” The Polish national team

The match with Hungary of the Polish national team may also have an impact on the financial level. Poland lost this match 1: 2 and although it advanced from the second place to the World Cup 2022 play-offs, she will not be seeded in them. The team will play away in the semi-finals of the play-offs and may find a strong rival (for example Italy or Portugal). We wrote about the fact that PZPN will lose several million zlotys due to the lack of organization of the first play-off HERE, but the play-offs will also be very important due to the possible payment of money to the players.

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“Focusing on the result alone does nothing. The most important thing is to play a good game.” An interview with the coach of the Polish national football team

Kulesza: I will pass it to the players in the near future

Already a few good years ago the players and the union agreed that there is no remuneration for just coming to the team and playing in the qualifying rounds, or even for winning matches. The players only get a symbolic one thousand zlotys for the starting fee. Instead, a task-based remuneration system has been adopted. The union paid a lot of money only for promotion to important events. In the last six years, players’ accounts have therefore been regularly topped up. The Kadrowicz players received bonuses for the promotion to Euro 2016, the 2018 World Cup and Euro 2020. According to our findings, it was from several dozen to several hundred thousand zlotys depending on who played how much.

The players will not get any payouts for getting into the play-offs, the goal set by the association before the qualifying round was clear – qualification for the World Cup. The new PZPN authorities uphold these rules, although as we agreed with the bonuses for players, there were some inaccuracies.

We did not ask anyone associated with the staff about any bonuses, everyone said that “he has not heard how much they are”.

– I will discuss the exact amounts and give them to the players in the near future – the new president of the Polish Football Association, Cezary Kulesza, told us.

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Nobody will give a specific amount in the relationship, but according to our information, the bonus for promotion to the World Cup in Qatar may amount to approx. PLN 10 million. To get this money, however, the staff must win two matches in March (24 and 29 March).

Those who played will earn

How would the funds possibly be split? As usual. The payout will depend on who played in these qualifiers.

Those who played the most frequently in the starting line-up will get the most during the eliminations and play-offs. For the first eleven you can get 3 points, for entering from the bench (regardless of the minute) 2 points. For entering the match protocol, i.e. watching the match from the bench and being ready to enter the pitch 1 point. For just watching the match from the stands or coming to the squad, there were no payments (although they were so before Euro 2020).

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How much one point is worth will be shown at the end of the elimination after determining how many people the bonuses will be divided into. Match points will be added together and money paid – at least as far as players are concerned. Paulo Sousa, and thus his staff, bonuses for promotion to the World Cup are included in his contract with the association.

What about a dozen or even several dozen people who work around the team and often have a significant impact on how the players function (physiotherapists, medical staff, or even a cook)?

As we found out before Euro 2016, the bonuses of these people did not include. It even happened that the players gave them some part of their payouts. Then this matter was settled and people working around the team for the promotion to the World Cup in Russia or Euro 2020 could also enjoy additional revenues.

If Poland gets to the World Cup, the award from FIFA for the Polish Football Association will also be significant. It will amount to PLN 47 million, although this money will also be used to cover the costs of the World Cup.

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