Booker T wants to retire in WWE vs. The Rock

Two-time WWE Hall of Fame member, To everyone’s surprise, Booker T revealed that he is confident of taking on The Rock in his retirement fight.

Yes, Booker T, 58, promises that he feels better than ever on a physical level and is ready to step into a WWE ring and have one last fight, specifically, If it’s working with a top guy like Dwayne Johnson. Here is his statement from the Video Podcasting Hall of Fame:

Booker T vs. The Rock at WWF SummerSlam 2001 PPV (08/19/2001) / WWE
Booker T vs. The Rock at WWF SummerSlam 2001 PPV (08/19/2001) / WWE

► Booker T: “I can have another fight with The Rock”

“It could be. Even now, it’s still possible, really. I think Rock and I can give them another chance and the fans will say, “You still got it.”but I don’t feel the need to scratch it,”

Booker T isn’t the only wrestler who wants to fight again in WWE. Hulk Hogan insists he could have a series of more fights in the above company.

Booker T and The Rock last shared a ring together on the February 5, 2002 episode of SmackDown. Dwayne Johnson took the victory in just over 4 minutes. at present, Rocky has yet to react to Booker T’s words.

Booker T

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