Boris Johnson got lost during the speech. He started talking about Peppa Pig

On Monday British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with representatives Confederation of British Industry in South Shields.

He did not use a teleprompter during his speech, only paper notes, notes The Guardian. At some point lost his speech. – Damn it. Forgive me – he said several times to the gathered people, leafing through the pages.

To break the embarrassing silence, the prime minister switched to the story of his visit to a children’s amusement park “Peppa Pig’s World”.

– Yesterday I went – we should all do this – to “Peppa Pig World” Johnson said. – I liked it very much. This place is very much my style. It has very safe streets and discipline in schools, he added.

He asked the businessmen gathered at the conference if they had ever visited a park in Hampshire. “I’m surprised you weren’t there,” he said.

– Who would believe that a pig that looks like a hair dryer or more like a Picasso style dryer, the pig that was rejected by the BBC will now be exported to 180 countries? Johnson asked.

When asked after the conference by journalists about his unusual speech, Johnson replied, “I think everything went well.”


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