Boss Pruszkowski “Słowik” advertises the MMA gala. “For years he lived on human harm”

Marcin Najman presented the honorary head of the MMA-ViP federation. Andrzej Zieliński, a.k.a. “Nightingale”, the former boss of the so-called Pruszkow Mafia. This is the next stage of romanticizing the Polish mafiosos of the 1990s in the media, which are forgiven for their bloody past.

  • On February 25, the MMA-ViP gala will take place in Kielce. The owner of the federation is Marcin Najman
  • The key moment at the Saturday press conference announcing the event was the presentation of the new “boss” of the federation
  • “To make a show, you will reach for a man who has lived for years on human harm,” writes an outraged commentator to Najman
  • You can find more such information on the main page of Onet.p

The mysterious “boss” of MMA-ViP was Andrzej “Słowik” Zieliński, the boss of the Pruszkow gang and one of the most famous figures in the Polish underworld of the 1990s. However, the Saturday announcement of “Nightingale” was rather comical. The boss sat back in his chair and managed to utter only one sentence. – I invite you to the gala – he said. The theme from “The Godfather” was playing in the background.

Polish gangsters from the 1990s are gaining more and more popularity. Some media are happy to invite you, for example, “Miśka z Nadarzyna”, while in recent days a movie romanticizing the character of the bandit “Nikos” has appeared on Netflix. Ex-mafiosi set up YouTube channels where they “confess” to the past, partially redeeming their wines.

“Słowik” made money from extortion and extortion

“Pruszków” was one of the leading criminal groups in Poland in the 1990s. Gangsters, taking advantage of the weakness of the state after the political transformation, earned millions of money from tributes, extortion, pimping, and trafficking in illegal alcohol and drugs.

Zieliński has been imprisoned many times, being convicted of various crimes. On December 15, 2021, he left the Detention Center, where he remained in connection with suspicions of intimidation and an attempt to extort almost EUR 3.3 million from one of the famous businessmen. You can read more about “Słowik” in Onet.

“Nightingale” in the role of the promoter of MMA-ViP shocked commentators on Twitter, who say that hiring a gangster for promotion is crossing another border. “Let Najman explore the history of this gentleman’s activity and let him answer the question whether he would like his daughter to be brought up in these times in the reach of his surroundings” – we read in the comments on Twitter. There are more such voices.

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