Both are open every Sunday. Another network with postal services

For several months now, the most important retail chains have been taking advantage of the inconsistencies in the provisions on the ban on trading on Sundays and public holidays. Lidl, Biedronki, Kaufland and Carrefour cooperate with courier companies, because shops with the status of a post office may be open every Sunday. Another chain made the decision about it.

Both are open every Sunday

From Sunday, December 6, Obi will be open seven days a week. Shopping can be done in the store even on non-trading Sundays. This applies to all 59 stores of the chain.

More information from the country on the home page

The network did not provide which provider of postal services it cooperated with. The announcement shows that Obi i felt compelled by the actions of its competitors to take advantage of the exception to the ban on Sunday trading concerning postal offices – reports the portal Wiadomoś

Efficient and convenient access to courier services and the possibility of shopping on Sundays is a convenience especially important in the holiday season

– comments Dariusz Kowalczyk, Obi’s sales director.

The retailer informs that on Sundays, people who have expressed their willingness to undertake an additional work day are to work in the stores. They are to receive a special bonus supplement and an additional day off to be picked up during the week.

Trade ban – changes in the law

At the beginning of February, stores will not be able to take advantage of the loophole in the trade ban act. The law tightening the rules has already been adopted. The regulations specify that shops with the status of a post office may be open on Sunday, which prove that min. 40 percent their income comes from this very activity.

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