Bottled mineral water poisoning – here’s what’s happening

In recent days there has been much talk of a new food alert in Italy, which has a well-known protagonist brand name water, which has been withdrawn from the market, for reasons that we will discuss later and thanks to which serious health risks have been identified: this is what happened. The Ministry of Health has published on its official website, a new food alert, which will lead to the withdrawal from the world market, one of the best known brands of mineral water. Unfortunately we must know that too bottled water it is not free from contamination.

In fact, it is certainly not the first time that a recall with similar content has been issued by the Ministry. So, let’s not waste any more time and focus on the withdrawn products and the reason for this choice. But first a little curiosity about the company. An action that deserves to be highlighted concerns the behavior of the company. Immediately after the press release from the ministry and the withdrawal from the market of the lots indicated in the directive in question, the same manufacturing company in turn issued a press release, informing consumers that it itself has carried out samplings.

Which resulted in the presence of a very dangerous bacterium; therefore, by ingesting that water you risk really big: this is what we are talking about. What are the effects ofwater in question in ours body? What are the risks? The news undoubtedly took many Italian consumers by surprise, who certainly did not expect that such a well-known and renowned water brand could be at the center of controversy of this magnitude and therefore, to deal with this ugly inconvenience.

From the results of the analyzes carried out onwater, some pitiless and rather worrying results have emerged, since the presence of a very dangerous bacterium, called “staphylococcus aureus”, has emerged. Doctors claim that if you were to drink contaminated water from this type of bacterium, the risk would be very serious, precisely intoxication Staphylococcus can cause some symptoms, ranging from simple annoyances to real health problems, such as nausea, headache and abdominal pain, but also diarrhea, fever and fatigue.

There society at the center of the controversy promptly informed consumers, withdrew the product pending new more in-depth analyzes, to verify where the bacterium comes from, and finally, recommended to all consumers to check i lots of water already purchased, therefore already present in the house and compare them with those indicated in the directive of the ministry. Anyone who accidentally finds himself in possession of these lots, can return the product to the point of sale for a refund.

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