Bottled up, kicks in the face and blood everywhere: shock attack in Milano Centrale


There Central Station of Milan has become nobody’s place. The shop, the fights and the violence are on the agenda in the station which is the main gateway to the Lombard capital. By now, the attacks do not occur only at night but it happens more and more frequently that fights break out even during the day, when the Central Station and its areas in front of it are crowded with people. Also for this reason the images circulate more than what happens. And to deny as a “perception” of insecurity what you see in one of the last videos recorded in Piazza Duca D’Aosta on a July afternoon.

The details of what happened previously are not known, but we see a boy, a 17 year old Tunisian homeless according to the reconstruction of Corriere della Sera, walking in the square bare-chested and with evident wounds on the face. The blood it pours on his chest and neck but he doesn’t seem to care. He turns, he looks around: he seems to be running away from someone, perhaps the same one who reduced him that way. He was probably robbed shortly before by other drifters, with whom there has already been a fight. Those present in the square are rightly alarmed by what they see but they do not have time to interpret the situation that, suddenly, a man emerges from the side of the square and lands the boy with a flying kick straight across the chest.

Someone in the square starts screaming and in the meantime the black man continues to rage on the boy on the ground with a volley of kicks and punches to the head, before receiving a bottled on the chest. The attacker then disappears, while those present try to offer help to the boy left on the ground. Assisted by passers-by, the attacked man then got up leaving a pool of blood in the square.

This is yet another aggression and yet another violence in a Milan that now seems to be in disarray, with no more control. Most of the time, it is the foreigners who become the protagonists of similar events, who find themselves involved in settling of scores between immigrant gangs, in a spiral of violence that Milan did not know until a few years ago. It was unthinkable to fear leaving the house or crossing the city at night for fear of being involved in a murder or such a violent fight. The lack of reception policies has meant that people of dubious origin find refuge in Milan, who become laborers of the crime local, forced to live on the margins of society. This, unlike what some left says, is not welcome.

The now viral video also triggered Matteo Salvini’s reaction: “Scenes of ordinary urban warfare between foreigners, violence and blood. Zero tolerance against criminals, security returns from September 25, returns on courage“.

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