Bought a promotional ticket but don’t know what to do after being suspended? Clear your doubts

123 Milhas has announced that it is suspending promotional line packaging and ticketing. The measure will affect already booked travel on ‘Promo’ routes with flexible dates and scheduled to depart from September to December 2023.

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Do you have a line pass? Check out the key questions and answers from what the company has already announced.

Why did 123 Miles stop selling and issuing tickets?

The company announced that it has temporarily suspended its PROMO line due to continued unfavorable market conditions. 123 Milhas says it will not issue tickets for departures between September and December 2023.

Will tickets that have already been issued be kept?

Yes, if you have already received your ticket, locator or electronic ticket, your trip is confirmed.

Why hasn’t my order been placed yet?

No orders will be issued for the “promotional” line scheduled to ship in September, October, November and December 2023.

In this case, the company reported that it would fully refund the amount already paid by the customer. The return will be the voucher plus his 150% restatement of his CDI above inflation and market interest rates.

However, the company claims that the resource can be used to purchase any ticket, hotel or package for 123milhas.

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What about the January 2024 shipments of the “promo” line? Can I request a voucher?

The company recommends that buyers have already requested the voucher. According to 123 Milhas, returns will be made on the same terms as customers boarding by December 2023.

How long can the coupon be used?

Coupons received by customers on the “promotional” line can be used within 36 months from the date of request.

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Where can I order the voucher?

Requests can be made through the agency’s official channels.

  • or within the “Promo 123” tab.
  • or via WhatsApp at (31) 99397-0210.

How do I receive the requested voucher?

Vouchers will be delivered to the payer’s registered email address within 5 business days after request.

Can a customer go to court to get their money back?

Renata Abarem, an attorney and legal director at the Institute for Consumer and Taxpayer Defense (IDC), was harmed by the suspension, even though the signed contract already stated the following possibilities: Customers can seek justice and consumer protection groups to recover their investments, he said. Refund by voucher.

— If the service fails, the consumer can demand the service, a refund of the amount paid by monetary correction, or any replacement.But collusion contracts are not better than the law

What happens to the cost of accommodation, meals and tours purchased outside of 123 Miles?

Renata said if these costs were already contracted by consumers other than 123 Milhas, it would have to try to renegotiate on a case-by-case basis. Reimbursement of losses incurred by the travel agency due to these costs should also be claimed from the competent authority.

I bought it in installments. Can I cancel an outstanding installment payment?

In Renata’s assessment, consumers who pay for their tickets in installments with a credit card and still have outstanding installments can try to cancel future payments. It will be decided by the financial institution.

“He can do it. This news is an advantage for this cancellation. He can ask the bank manager to minimize the loss. Depending on the card, the financial institution, the bank, it is possible. Depending on your service provider, you may not be able to cancel your card.

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