box full of torn teeth

“A gas mask placed on the head of a victim who was covered with a burning rag and buried alive.” Not far away, “a box of gold dental capsules”. The last gallery of Russian horrors runs on the ground of a wood in Pisky-Radkivski, a village in the Kharkiv region on the right bank of the Oskil river. A new “torture chamber” was discovered by the Ukrainian police in the place which had recently returned to Kiev after the withdrawal of troops from Moscow.

Kiev, the defense ministry’s complaint

«A mini Auschwitz. How many others will be found in occupied Ukraine? “, Denounced the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, publishing the two images, taken by the head of the investigative department of the security services in the oblast, Serhiy Bolvinov: a disturbing revival of Nazi practices in the towards prisoners in concentration camps.

Ukraine, Azovstal’s hero commanders hug families in hospital: tears and smiles Video

Ukraine, shock photo: the Our Father in Russian engraved on the wall in the torture room

Victims and torture

In that room, it is the accusation, the Russians kept the residents in inhumane conditions. “The neighbors constantly heard screams coming from there. Investigators found a terrible torture chamber in the village. The police are well aware of the torture, ”said Bolvinov, denouncing that some citizens were“ buried alive ”in that wood. “The police know the names of the victims, the investigation is ongoing,” he explained on Twitter. Since the counter-offensive in the east of the country has recaptured most of Kharkiv, from which Russian soldiers have fled, places of torture have been found in various “liberated” centers: positions often hidden in basements or isolated huts used to strike resistance members and extort confessions or punish people who did not accept Russian rule. Among the first chambers of horrors reported is the one in Balakliya, found a few hours after the entry of the Kiev troops into the city. An execution room set up in a basement, with “instructions on Ukrainian Nazism glued to the walls” and “a chair with a hammer, duct tape and used gloves”, next to scattered traces of blood. In the same locality, on the walls of another room, someone had engraved the prayer of the Our Father. Complaints always rejected by Moscow as fake news, such as those on the summary mass burials in Izyum, where 447 bodies were exhumed, including those of 5 children, most with signs of violent death and in 30 cases traces of torture, including ” broken limbs’ and ‘amputation of the genitals’.

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