Brad Pitt, 59, looks young and unrecognizable in this new French ad

Brad Pitt has mesmerized people with his acting skills over the years blue eyes and his charming smile, And it looks like he can do it for a very long time now. Indeed, as he approaches his sixties, he looks more youthful than ever. In recent photographs, he looks to be in his thirties.

Brad Pitt looks younger than ever

Recently, Brad Pitt was photographed in a vineyard in Var on the Cote d’Azur. There, he was filming a commercial for the Italian giant De’Longhi Coffee, And the least we can say is that the actor hasn’t lost any of his charm. Besides, he was not prepared at all!

However, he looks younger than his age. With short hair and shaven face he looks like two drops of water Brad Pitt of the 2000s, Dressed in white, he seemed in excellent spirits, ready to take advantage of the fine weather in the south of France. Could he know the secret of the fountain of youth?

Tailor made roles

In fact, like some internet users, one might even wonder if Brad Pitt’s roles have anything to do with it. Indeed, the Hollywood star has already explained a vampire, These creatures of the night, famous for not aging, are often very attractive. However, in interview with a vampireAngelina Jolie’s ex-husband has ruled the hearts of many.

Additionally, he also starred in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, This very strange story tells the journey of benjamin buttonA man who instead of growing old, rejuvenates, So, if Brad Pitt is almost 60, and only looks 30… can’t we say he’s a real Benjamin Button, as in daily Mail ,

Very relaxed on the set of the De’Longhi ad, the American actor did not fail to attract attention. There is no doubt that like all international stars, he also takes care of himself. In the program: Play, balanced diet And Beauty Products, Or, could it be that Brad Pitt ages like a fine wine?

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Did he have an inescapable secret?

With such a long and successful career, this blonde beauty doesn’t seem ready to stop. Furthermore, since he has you look very young, might as well be enjoyed, right? In any case, in the comments of an Instagram post where we discover the incredible looks of the actor, the strangest theories are formulated. For example, if some people choose to believe that he is a vampire or ‘Benjamin Button’, others offer different solutions.

Thus, many internet users feel that the actor has undergone cosmetic surgery. In fact, some say he no longer has “baby face” He displayed the face of a mature man in the 2000s. However, with spontaneous stroke, his fans think he could have used a scalpel. Who knows ? Will see in a few decades…

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