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For his hilarious cameo in “Deadpool 2”, Brad Pitt was paid less than 1000 dollars. And he would not have accepted to play in the film without a good cup of coffee brought by a certain Ryan Reynolds!

In the feature film Deadpool 2, released in theaters in 2018, there are many cameos. But the most amusing of them is undoubtedly that of Brad Pitt, who slips very stealthily into the skin of the invisible mutant Vanisher, a member of the X-Force. A hilarious appearance that sees the character electrocuted to death in the middle of an action scene.

For this cameo of a few seconds, Brad Pitt did not have a salary commensurate with his megastar status. The American actor, more accustomed to stamps with several zeros, has in fact agreed to be paid here at the union minimum of the time, ie… 956 dollars!

But that’s not all ! To say hello to the offbeat adventure led by his friend Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt had a rather special request. And we are far from a whim of a star…

“The shooting of the scene lasted an hour and a half”director Rhett Reese told the microphone from the CinemaBlend website. “It was a very large-scale shoot. There was an entire team mobilized for an hour and a half for this scene, a scene that Brad agreed to shoot at the bare minimum and if he had a cup of coffee in addition. “

“Brad was very specific about this coffee thing”continues the filmmaker. “He said ‘I want that specific coffee at Starbucks and Ryan, I want you to bring it to me.’ So we went to get the coffee, Ryan came over and gave it to him. It was hilarious because Brad had forgotten that “He made that request. It was really funny. So he had his coffee and then we shot for an hour and a half.”

Brad Pitt was recently seen on the starting grid of the Formula 1 Grand Prix at Silverstone to prepare for his next film. As for Ryan Reynolds, he has just been seen in Deadpool costume on the set of the third installment of the saga, scheduled to be released in theaters on May 1, 2024.

Did you notice the little hidden details of “Deadpool 2”?

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