Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the film convict: 5 things to know about ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’

Long before they became Mr. and Mrs. Pitt were Mr and Mrs Smith. The convict film that made people meet and fall in love Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt has become a cult for being the kick-off of the most glamorous love story of the last twenty years whose dramatic finale still has aftermath six years later with the legal proceedings, the fight for child custody and the battle between two exes that has come to involve the FBI. Trying to forget everything that happened after you can go back to 2005 when this romantic comedy about a couple of husband and wife, spies unbeknownst to them whose respective agencies have given a mandate to kill the other, ignited the spark of passion and screwed up another marriage, that of Brad with Jennifer Aniston.

It didn’t have to be Angelina Jolie

And to think that the protagonist should not have been Angelina Jolie. Before her, many other colleagues had been considered: Nicole Kidman (held on the set of The perfect woman), Cate Blanchett, Catherine Zeta-JonesPitt’s ex Gwyneth Paltrow and even a gay version with Pitt and Tom Cruise (Mr and Mr Smith, but it was probably a boutade). Instead, the two found themselves on the set: she was 30 years old and already two ex-husbands, he the story (already in crisis) with his wife Jennifer.

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From Hitchcock to on-set chemistry

Loosely inspired by an Alfred Hitchcock film Mr and Mrs Smith (1941), the only screwball comedy of the master of the thrill, the film was written by Simon Kinberg (became famous for his work in the film series about X-men) and directed by Doug Liman (a series of action films from Bourne Identity with Matt Damon to Fair Game – Spy Hunt with Naomi Watts passing through Edge of Tomorrow – Without tomorrow with Tom Cruise). The screenwriter said he got the idea by listening to the marital crisis of two of his friends. The bored middle-class married couple hides the double life of hired killers, but the incipit of the film is on the couch of the marriage counselor because the relationship is in crisis. The chemistry between the two is clear to anyone on the set starting with the director and, although officially the couple is formed only after the divorce from Jennifer Anistonit’s actually just behind the scenes of the action comedy that passion explodes.

Mixed reviews but box office boom

The film, which arrived in theaters on June 10, 2005 in the United States and on December 2 in Italy, was received by mixed reviews but achieved excellent success at the box office. The film, which had gone over budget forcing the director to put some of his money into it, in fact grossed 500 million dollars worldwide. For years it was the top grosser of both superstars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but was later surpassed by World War Z for Pitt e Maleficent for Jolie.

The possible sequel and the last film of the couple

For years there has been talk of the possibility of a sequel, the same couple – both producers – were involved in the project but declared themselves dissatisfied with the proposals that the writers had brought. In June 2010, six years before their split, Jolie said she and Pitt had wanted to explore the possibility of a sequel to the film “but there was nothing original” about the offers they had received. Thus the second and last film together (exactly ten years after Mr. and Mrs. Smith) was By the sea, which Jolie also directed. Panned by critics and rejected at the box office, the film told of another marriage crisis, that of an American couple in the 1960s. Jolie was Vanessa, a former dancer and Pitt Roland, a writer in crisis: on holiday in the south of France, the two try to put together the pieces of a relationship at the end of the line and try to rediscover the passion through friendship with a couple of young spouses. “When I was writing I had no idea that we were going to stage it, so I felt free. I was so happy that he wanted to try this thing with me,” Angelina said. “It was a big challenge, the biggest he’s ever undertaken,” Brad said. And to review all the melancholy of certain sequences today, it is inevitable to think that there was a lot of them in Vanessa and Roland.

The TV series with Maya Erskine and Donald Glover

The project to transform Mr and Mrs Smith in a TV series was announced about a year and a half ago by the Prime Video platform. The protagonists will be Maya Erskine (after Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s farewell, Fleabagfor creative differences) e Donald Glover (the Lando Calrissian of Alone) for a reboot, as the Americans call it. Also in the cast John Turturro, Paul Dano And Michaela Coel. Virtually nothing is known about the plot and how faithful the series will be to the cult film. Glover himself signs it with the screenwriter Frances Sloane (Atlanta, Fargo) and is currently in pre-production.

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