Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie trial: the legal battle continues

With the Johnny Depp / Amber Heard trial filed (pending the appeal), the media seem to be frantically looking for new protagonists to One day in the district court Hollywood edition on which to throw yourself headlong. There are those who bet on Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood, but the very long and very expensive divorce between Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie it seems to have all the characteristics to end in prime time between accusations of violence, fights for custody of the children and an immense fortune to share. In recent days People released new documents filed Friday by Pitt’s legal team at the Los Angeles County Superior Court regarding the plaintiff’s lawsuit against his ex-wife in February. The thesis is that Angelina allegedly sold her stake in their Château Miraval winery without her consentmoreover to a disreputable reality and with the intention of “hurting him”. Today comes the reaction of a source close to Jolie according to which it would be a “false” narrative since the 47-year-old “correctly and legally got out of the business”.

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Château Miraval, once a symbol of the Brangelina love, has now become a cause for clash between the two ex. Rewind in October 2021: Court-cleared Angelina Jolie sells her share of the estate and annexed winery to a Russian oligarch. In February, Pitt sues her ex-wife accusing her of acting illegally and failing to comply with agreements that provided for a right of first refusal. In recent days, Brad’s lawyers are filing new court documents in LA that Angelina sold 50% of her to tycoon Yuri Shefler with the intention of ruining the business and “hurting” her ex-husband. The request is clear: compensation for damages “for an amount to be assessed in court”, the cancellation of the sale and “a jury trial” (on TV?).

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“Mr. Pitt’s lawsuit against Mrs. Jolie is an extension of a false narrative and the truth will come out,” he always told People an insider informed of the facts and close to the actress. “After the events that led to Ms. Jolie filing for divorce and the years spent caring for their children, Ms. Jolie and the children were unable to return to the property and so she made the difficult decision to sell her children. shares after making several offers to her ex-husband. Knowing that the business would be inherited by the children, she found a business partner with experience in the alcohol industry. ” So Angelina informed her ex-husband of the sale and took action to protect her children? And then: “It’s a shame that after you get out of the business correctly and legally, you get involved in more lawsuits by Mr. Pitt.”

miraval brangelina

The Brangelinas have been owners of Château Miraval and the adjoining winery since 2008


The response from a pro-Pitt source was quick: “All of this makes no sense. The best way to maintain family value would have been for one of the parents to keep ownership of an increasingly valuable asset. He could have buy it. There’s a lot more value in a family that owns 100 percent of a business than 40-50 percent. ” 1 to 1 ball in the center?

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