Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski ‘date assiduously’

The friends are still not sure if it’s something serious, but they say they are certain that there is something: Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski they visit each other assiduously. He brings it back Peopleciting sources close to the star of Bullet train.

“Brad and Emily spend lots of time together», said the source of the American magazine. “They don’t date in the classic sense, and friends can’t tell if, as they say, “they are serious”but they are seen very often ».

Already in the summer the tabloids they rumbled of a flirtation between the model and the actor. It was rumored that they met for the first time in a posh Parisian restaurant and then in a famous oyster bar of New York. But they were just gossip, and neither of them had been able to confirm the news with unequivocal clicks.

Meanwhile, rumors began to circulate that between the model and the husband – «serial cheater» – there was tideuntil last month it became official: you defined divorce by the film producer Sebastian Bear-McClardwith whom she was married four years and had one son, Sylvester Apollo Bearborn on August 3, 2021.

And Brad Pitt? After the divorce from Angelina Jolie, he remained single. In recent months, several new flames have been attributed to him (which went out immediately), but on the red carpet he has always presented himself alone, perhaps too busy juggling between lawsuits with ex-wife for their French properties, health problems, and (from afar) management of their children.

The gossip about this flirtation with Emily Ratajkowski, on the other hand, has been going on for too many weeks to be based in the air (the times of the gossip are always very limited) and the tiles to compose a new mosaic are all there. All that remains is to wait for confirmation, and in the meantime think of a new couple namethat you definitely send Brangelina to the attic.

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