Brad Pitt and George Clooney together again, photos on the set of the movie Wolves

The two stars (and great friends in real life) are finally back on the same set. They will star side by side in Apple’s thriller, to the delight of fans who could not wait to witness what the media calls “the boomer reunion”

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Brad Pitt and George Clooney finally come back to upload the same set.
The two Hollywood stars (who are best friends in real life) will star side-by-side in the film Wolvesan Apple thriller.
This news delights the fans, who couldn’t wait to see what the media call “the boomer reunion”.
The film will most likely be a huge success, given that the first photos that immortalize the two protagonists shoulder to shoulder on the set are already going around the world, obtaining innumerable acclaim from the people of the network.
After a long time (15 years) from the film trilogy of Ocean’s (Eleven, Twelve And Thirteen) and of Burn After Reading – Spy-proof directed by the Coen brothers, the two most famous actors of the world walked the streets of New York wearing two skintight leather jackets. Brad Pitt and George Clooney, 59 and 61, have been spotted in multiple spots in the Big Apple for the clapperboards of the director’s new film Spider-Man: Homecoming: Jon Watts.
It is he who will direct the film produced for Apple, entitled Wolves. It is a film that tells the story of two solvers, “lone wolves” (hence the title). These two solvers will be assigned the same task, starting a story filled with twists, suspense and heart-pounding. Many of the comments that are flooding the photos shared on Instagram and Twitter also dwell on the fact that these two almost sixty and already sixty (almost in Pitt’s case, already in that of George) are endowed with a sex appeal that is the envy of many of their twenty-year-old colleagues.

You can look at photos of Brad Pitt and George Clooney together on the set of the film Wolves in the post published on Instagram by the account of Vanity Fair Italypost that you find at the bottom of this article.

The immortal sex appeal of two sixty-year-old actors


Emily Ratajkowski: “They kept telling me that women have expiration dates”

Although a lot of spring has passed since Brad Pitt showed himself shirtless in Thelma & Louise and since George Clooney made all viewers fall in love with him E.Rit seems that the charm and beauty are not lacking in these two sacred monsters of American cinema.

Something very different from what happens to their colleagues: very few sixty-year-old actresses are cast in a film also for And thanks to their sex appeal… Unfortunately, this is a scourge of the world of work in general and of show business in particular: women seem to have a much closer “expiration date” than men. We use the expression “expiration date” to refer to the speech given by model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, who last January 19 spoke inspiring words at Hunter College in New York addressing the graduates, to whom she told of having abandoned the course of study to focus on work for one reason above all: “Everyone reminded me that women have an expiration date,” said Ratajkowski.

Instead Brad Pitt and George Clooney seem to be the only two stars of the show who are like manna: not in the proverbial sense of “manna from heaven” but since mannite is one of the few foods that do not expire, look at the package to believe. ..

George Clooney felt annoyance in the phase in which he was cast only for his physical appearance


Babylon, The review of the film with Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt

George Clooney recently revealed that he experienced the first phase of his career with profound annoyance, the one in which it seemed that everyone turned to him as a simple sexual object.
It almost seems like the workings that underlie Hollywood – well illustrated by director Damien Chazelle in his wonderful Babylon, in which, among other things, Brad Pitt plays – they are not in the least about Brad Pitt and George Clooney. These two stars are nothing short of white, as attested by the global enthusiasm that everyone is demonstrating even just seeing them together in the shots from the set.

Filming Wolves


George Clooney: ‘I was objectified early in my career’

The clapperboards of the film produced for Apple TV are taking place in the Harlem neighborhood of New York. Precisely in this area of ​​the Big Apple, Brad Pitt (snubbed for the 2023 Oscar nominations for his interpretation of the film Babylonin which Margot Robbie also appears) and George Clooney were photographed during a break from filming.

The two actors are also co-producers of this film. Alongside them in the cast is also Austin Abrams, best known for the character of Ethan he plays in the television series Euphoria.

Below look at the photos of Brad Pitt and George Clooney together on the set of the film Wolves in the post published on Instagram by the account of Vanity Fair Italy.

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