Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, the unforgettable love story


Periodically the gossip back and combine their names. But how it began and how it ended, the story between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston?

Among the most beloved couple that Hollywood has ever had, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have never stopped to dream. On the contrary: now that they are both divorced (Brad from Angelina Jolie, Jennifer by Justin Theroux) there is one who speaks of return of flameand the fans are no longer in the skin.

But how it began (and as it has ended) the relationship between the two?

The meeting, the marriage, the divorce

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston you know at the time of “Friends”when she is the sweetheart of America, and he is the beautiful par excellence. Driven by the respective agents, the two come together for the first time in 1998: a meeting combined, from which would be born a great love.

Together with in the Emmy in September 1999, Brad and Jennifer ufficializzano their union two months after at a concert of Sting. On 29 July 2000, married in Malibu,: looks like a fairy tale, of those destined to never end. But, in 2004, it all breaks down: on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” actor knows Angelina Jolie, and, thanks to the many action scenes filmed together, bursts of passion. So, in January 2005, comes the separation: “When I heard the news I cried and shook our heads for several minutes. I was too wounded to give a response. You chose to trust my ex-husband, I didn’t want to believe all the gossip read about their relationship. But I tried also anger, pain and embarrassment“he told Aniston about the betrayal.

In October 2005, when Brad Pitt’s companion Angelina Jolie, also comes to the divorce. Brad adopts children of Angelina, in 2006 he became the father of Shiloh Nouvel, and – in 2008 – of twins Knox and Vivienne. A union that is extraordinary, their, that marriage (celebrated in 2014) seems to deliver to eternity. But it is not all gold that glitters: while Jennifer Aniston wedding Justin Theroux, the marriage between Brad and Angelina begins to flake. Up to break down completely in 2016.

Brad and Jennifer, single return

After a long legal battle, the divorce between Brad and Angelina arrive in April 2019. In the meantime, Aniston says goodbye to Justin, with a separation much less stormy. And in that moment, that the fans of Brad and Jennifer return to hope: he apologized publicly for having broken his heart, she says she had forgiven him. So much so that in September of 2018, are spotted together in Laglio, in the villa of George Clooney.

The return of the flame? The two have never confirmed. But the actress, to the end of 2018, said in an interview: “I don’t know what I know today, if I hadn’t been married to Brad. I love Brad, I love it really. Will love him for the rest of my life. Is a wonderful man, and I regret nothing: we’ve spent together seven years of intense, and we taught a lot to each other”. And it matters little, flirtation attributed to both: according to the gossip-love is (re -) erupted.

Although, the scene is stolen at the SAG Awards, seems to show a newfound confidence, but certainly not a new found love. That to see them together is just a hope from a fan?



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