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As the years passed and various video streaming platforms came into being, the series became very popular. This continuous stream never stops and never increases. So essentially, many shows disappear from the audience lists and remain secret. And even if they deserve a completely different fate. This is one of them that we are going to talk about today: Dave (aka Lil Dicky),

The series was born in 2020 for its first season. If this name may sound familiar to you, it is because you have probably heard of American rapper Lil Dicky, known on the civil registry as David Andrew Byrd. As for the latter, everything under this nickname begins with a real rapper project, which, under a humorous approach, as his pseudonym indicates, hides a real talent. Launched in early 2010 with the aim of furthering his acting skills, it quickly became a success in the United States. Because contrary to appearances, Lil Dicky (I’ll leave the translation to you) takes this art form very seriously and produces a madly and curiously relevant artistic proposition that continues to impress an entire segment of rap listeners across the Atlantic. does.

an original music project adapted to the series

So much so that his mixtape “So Hard” in 2013 or his album “Professional Rapper” released two years later have received extremely positive response from both the public and critics. To set yourself up on the hype surrounding the man, know that he is one of the prestigious XXL Freshmen of 2016 along with great American rappers and artists such as Anderson .Pak, Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, Kodak Black, Designer, Denzel The selection included (really) Curry or even Lil Yachty – there were indeed a lot of “lils” that year. This difference would also be the theme of entire episodes of the series. Which is to say, at what point replacing Dave Bird isn’t a steal. It has to be said that in his first album, we got superstars like Snoop Dogg, T Pain or even Fetty Wap (who was at his peak at the time). Since then, he has continued his momentum by unveiling multiple clips that, for various reasons, each have relatively strong resonance, as evidenced by his 8 million subscribers on YouTube as well as hundreds of millions of cumulative plays on music streaming platforms. .

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But there has always been something else in the eyes of the American artist. As he himself admitted in an interview at the beginning of his career, the purpose of all this work is to enable him to achieve his goal: to become an actor. So it’s only logical that he decided to adapt his eccentric character to the screen in a series. We explore the story of Lil Dicky: a young man, a bit lost in the society around him, who believed he had an extraordinary talent and would become a rap star., However, the beginning is difficult. Although he has a very (very?) precise idea in his head of what he wants to do, he is rarely taken seriously. Only his closest friends believe in his semi-prophetic visions, which are reminiscent of Kanye West’s speeches and mindset.

Among them, we find his hype man, Gata, a poignant bipolar rapper who dreams of transcending his social status, musician and DJ Elz – who is none other than Travis, a former member of Tyler’s Odd Future collective, The Creator. Bennett -, the friend Mike who drops everything to be her manager, her ex-girlfriend and best friend Ellie, the videographer Emma or even Benny Blanco, the phenomenally successful songwriter in the American music industry (TIC Toc, I Kissed a Girl, ammo, Circus, love yourself…) who plays his part.

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A Series About Rap… That Doesn’t Actually Talk About Rap

Together, this joyous band brings us moments of life, pain and joy. Joy and hardship follow each other during these three divinely well-written seasons that follow Dave’s journey. Because the latter is looking for love, even more than glory, at all costs. However, as endearing as the protagonist is, he proves to be just as intrusive and unhealthy. If she has a problem, not a minor one, then it should be identified with her gender, yet the series avoids the danger of being fello-centric. Humor is a means to hide emotional pain.

The episodes are structured in different themes to offer the viewer real fragments of existence, embellished as a whole as more or less important chapters of the main story, and they deal with completely different topics. But don’t hesitate to venture out. Social networks, social and financial success, love, dating apps, the eyes of others… Dave (aka Lil Dicky) A deranged series about the world of rap, but most of all it’s a series that doesn’t talk about rap, Here the music industry is used to developing many more or less detailed and predictable commentary, which nevertheless regularly attract attention. Then we get to know the flaws and emotions of his characters that surround a young man who is ultimately too toxic and too self-obsessed, too perfectionist, that he often becomes unlivable (and problematic).

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But beyond his writing, his clever staging, and his soundtrack, signed off with Lil Dicky’s actual track, The show shines with more distinguished guests than others, The latter plays its part like in the French series ten percent For example, and bring real added value to the final rendering, making the context even more believable. Each form gets tastier and tastier.

Pell-Mel, Us Drake, Justin Bieber Doja Cat, J.J. Meet famous American artists like Balvin, Macklemore, Young Thug, Rick Ross, Rae Sremmurd, Usher, Lil Nas X, Trippie Redd, Young Thug, Jack Harlow, but also cool – Kendall Jenner, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Hailey Bieber , well-known public figures such as Kevin Hart and even internationally renowned actors such as Rachel McAdams and Brad Pitt (real actors). The latter also provides a memorable end to Season 3 as a whole, which ended in apotheosis just a few weeks ago.

For latecomers, the series Dave (aka Lil Dicky) MyCanal is to be discovered and, frankly, it’s worth the detour.

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