Brad Pitt in a relationship with Ines de Ramon: “It’s obvious”

Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon, his companion of 29 years his junior, would be in a relationship for less than a year. While he is in the middle of a legal battle with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, the actor spends part of his summer with his half. If the lovebirds remain very discreet about their relationship, a close source affirmed that their couple was doing for the best: “It always works very well between them. They’ve been spending a lot of time together this summer, as they really enjoy being in each other’s company. They are very much in love. It’s obvious to anyone who sees them side by side,” she told “People.”

A story born of their respective divorces

The lovers met through a friend they had in common at the end of 2022. Surprisingly, it was their respective divorces that would have brought them closer. Brad Pitt is divorced from Angelina Jolie, while Ines de Ramon, she divorced from Paul Wesley after four years of marriage. Experiencing the same event would have allowed them to forge strong bonds, reveals the source: “They bonded through their divorces. He really likes being with her because she has such energy, she always sees the bright side of things and she is always ready to go on an adventure. He appreciates her laid-back and positive outlook on life. Although things are still rather new, he sees long-term potential in their relationship. »

The Hollywood star has been in Europe for a few days. If he was not seen with Ines de Ramon, his beauty would have made multiple round trips between the United States, where she resides, and the place where Brad Pitt is staying.

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