Brad Pitt’s beauty recipe for “aging” in a healthy way!

This is not an anti-aging cure but a skincare line that promotes self-care through the use of natural products. So Brad Pitt spoke at the presentation of his new line of skin care products … and if the testimonial is him, you can not help but trust!

His arrival in Venice it was a riot: Brad Pitt he is, again, the most man beautiful in the world. After seeing him arrive in lagoon with tuxedo, sneakers and a make envy to virtually any 20-year-old on the planet, everyone has wondered what hers is beauty recipe. Getting older like Brad Pitt, therefore, can you? The line of skincare launched by Brad Pitt is called Le Domaine… but “woe betide” to call it “anti-aging cream”!

Le Domaine: Brad Pitt doesn’t want to fight aging

He declared it all the same Hollywood actor to Vogue UK: fighting age is not his goal brand of beauty. The skin care brand launched by Brad Pitt, Le Domaineadmittedly genderlesswants to give the skin new light, making it more elastic, radiant and soda.

Aging is a concept we cannot escape from and I’d like to see our culture take it a little more into consideration. Talking about fighting age is ridiculous, it’s a fairy tale. But what is real is to treat the skin in the best way. And it’s something I’ve learned to do through my work and it makes me feel better. I think we’re learning that if we love each other, if we treat each other a little better, we will have long-term benefits. So the concept is to age healthily

It therefore appears that for Brad Pitt it’s all a matter of self-love, care and simplicity. And this “philosophy” is also applied to the launch of 4 products of the line Le Domaine.

How many and what are the Le Domaine products

The line of Brad Pitt was born in collaboration with the family Perrin and includes 4 products:

  • The Serum
  • The Cream
  • The Cleansing Emulsion
  • The Fluid Cream

They all are natural products also in their fragrance, made with Orange flowerswood of cedar and wood of sandal. The philosophy of this product line thinks of self-care as a return to the simplicity of life rediscovered with the back to nature of each of us and to nature understood as environment! With this line Brad Pitt unites the rediscovery of nature and its own passionssuch as body care and love for wine. The actor in 2012 had in fact bought with his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, dei vineyards to Chateau Miraval, in the south of France; is right with the grapes of this vineyard that the products of his are made line of cosmetics.

Le Domeine, made with the antioxidant properties of grapes

Brad Pitt’s passion for wine is therefore also the basis of his new adventure in the field of cosmetics. The products of the Le Domaine are in fact based on antioxidant properties of grapes and in particular of GSM10 molecule present in products that combine the properties of seeds of the Grenache grape with seeds and grape skin Syrah And Mourvedre. A real antidote oxidative stress identified by one of the world’s leading wine specialists, the oenology professor Pierre-Louis Teissedre of the University of Bordeaux, which determined which of the 13 grape varieties grown together with the Perrin family in Provence had the most relevant antioxidant properties.

Le Domain: 2 scientists on the team that created the Brad Pitt line

In addition to the support of the oenology professor, Pierre-Louis Teissedre, to arrive at the final result of the line Le Domaine the contribution of Nicolas Lévyscientist, leading expert on progeria (a genetic disease that accelerates aging in young children): after identifying how the progeria affects the natural aging process, developed the ProGr3 – the other active ingredient patented by Le Domaine – which derives from the resveratrol of the vine, and aims to maintain the cells healthy skin for longer.

Brad Pitt thanks Gwyneth Paltrow

Starting this new adventure that focuses on self-care Brad Pitt he didn’t want to miss a thought for his ex, Gwyneth Paltrowwhich together with Angelina Jolie And Jennifer Aniston, was among his most famous exes. The 2 in the 90s formed one of the couples most photographed of the jet set. On the occasion of the launch of its line of skincare the actor did not fail to remember the historic ex, now his great friend: “In fact, come to think of it, she was probably the first to have my face washed twice a day,” he said. Gwyneth Paltrow, in 2006, also launched a brand of Welfare And lifestyle: initially born as a newsletter, today it is one cosmetic line, beauty, perfumes and make up, and also a series on Netflix. Brad Pitt today has therefore landed in the market beautyand if the result is what we saw during his last red carpetit will definitely be worth a try Le Domaine.

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