Bradley Cooper and Irina Sheik are back together? They hugged while walking [ZDĘCIA]

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper they have not been together for a long time. The relationship of one of Hollywood’s most beautiful couples was a thing of the past last July. Though it appeared to be perfect, they had both been stuck for months. Even so, both of them have so far tried to work to improve their relationship for the sake of their two-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine.

It all started when the movie “A Star is Born” was released in cinemasin which Bradley Cooper starred with Lady Gaga. An extremely romantic number “Shallow” brought them not only an Oscar, but also rumors of a hot romance. It was then, as the Western press reported at the time, that the Russian model decided to move out with her daughter from Bradley Cooper’s £ 4.6 million villa. “The Sun” reported:

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Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk

Bradley Cooper and Irina Sheik are back together? Their joint photos fueled speculation

For the next several months, the media reported on the mental breakdown of Irina Shayk, who was caught leaving the therapist’s house. Bradley Cooper is also said to have got involved with Lady Gaga and secretly make a shared nest in his mansion. According to the tabloids, the singer even started remodeling the alleged beloved’s house, bringing her personal belongings there. Finally, information appeared that, for the sake of the child, the actor decided to leave the villa in Los Angeles and move to New York, where Irina currently lives.

Since then, the media, as well as admirers of the former couple, wondered what the real relationship between Cooper and Shayk looked like. Hollywood’s newest photos of the ex-couple made it boom. They were both seen taking a walk with their daughter and it would not be surprising if not for the fact that one moment … they hugged each other tenderly. The actor who was saying goodbye to the child and her mother looked pleased. Irina too she did not mind embracing her former partner in public.

The photos taken during the walk delighted the fans. Some began to speculate that the famous couple might have given themselves another chance.

Bradley Cooper has been the target of the American press for several weeks. All because according to American tabloids, he began dating a longtime friend, Jennifer Garner. The actors know each other from the set of the film “Agent with a hundred faces”, in which they appeared 20 years ago.

Apparently, there was already a spark between them then, but both of them invested their feelings in complicated relationships with other Hollywood celebrities. K.When the media circulated their photos together from the beach in Malibu, where they spent time with the actor’s daughter, rumors about their old feelings returned. So far, however, neither of them has addressed speculation about an affair.

Jennifer Garner or Irina Shayk? Which of them really belongs to Bradley Cooper’s heart? We have a feeling that this story has a continuation and we will meet him in the near future.

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