Bradley Cooper on an affair with Lady Gaga. Finally, he confessed what had happened between them!

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper
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The film “The Birth of a Star” was a spectacular success. It not only attracted a lot of people, but also gave enormous publicity to the main characters. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper did not leave the covers of colorful magazines for weeks. Reports of their affair quickly began surfacing. What was it really like? Years later, we got the actor’s comment.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper They played their role in the film phenomenally “A Star is Born”. They were positively received by viewers and film critics. They also picked up several nominations.

After filming was finished, show business fans were interested in something else. After the premiere of the film in which the singer and actor had an affair, they were quickly credited with this fact also in real life.

According to the tabloids, the couple was supposed to fall in love with each other on the set and continue their romance after shooting.

The websites thundered that it was the artist who ended Bradley’s relationship with Irina Shayk.

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Bradley Cooper comments on an alleged affair with Lady Gaga

How was it in reality? The fact is that a couple of lovers played perfectly. They felt so much into their role that many people were sure that they would also meet in life. Is it really?

Confused admirers of show business had to wait a long time for this answer. Bradley Cooper has only now decided to dispel all doubts. Here’s what he said to the Hollywood Reporter:

Only from a personal point of view, it reduces the level of anxiety. They fall in love with this scene in the movie. This is the explosive moment that happens to them on stage in front of thousands of people … It would be strange if we were both only standing on stools facing the audience.

– said the actor, probably referring to the performance at the Oscars 2019, during which he and the singer showed a lot of affection.

The site explained that they had both been faking it all this time. Of course, everything for the movie:

They definitely played. He designed the performance to unfold like a movie scene, in part to deal with his own concerns about singing live.

Did you expect a different version of events? 😉

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