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27 of set. from 2023

A Guest in Residence, a young luxury brand launched by a supermodel and a North American business of Palestinian and Dutch ancestry, Gigi Hadid, shelters a pop up no Le Bon Marché, Parisian department store, will be open on September 26.

Guest in Residence

A brand faith launched no outono of 2022 and apoia-se no style casual chicinspired by aesthetics pop Back in the 70s, there is a tendency towards “luxurious tranquility”.

Location is not a contemporary design space (prime floor of the department building), this is shop It was aberta at 23 out of the box. Offer a storage group of temporary items and collect them for the winter 2023: cardigan curto cor marfim, sweaters of rugby at risk of colors, camisa polo azul royal com botões, calça jogging cinza rato or ainda colete available in the rosa antigo (detached product of the brand, offered at 530 euros).

“A new collection was inspired by our artistic movement from the decade of 1970 and approached visual exhibitions, art, graphics, paintings and typical texts from the era”, explained top Model He is Californian designer Gigi Hadid at “We really need to capture the energy and unique spirit of a freedom that is beyond our conceptions and beyond our limits.”

International expansion

As this first label in France, a Guest in Residence is actively engaged in international distribution. With its feminine and masculine clothing – these fibers come from the Mongolian Interior – recently established as an exclusive selection of luxury goods.

“To medida that a brand expands to direct and to consumers for the wholesale market – like Le Bon Marché as an exclusive parcel for France – or object is to continue to be enthusiastic about the parceria with its main retalhistas in all of the world,” explained Hadid, who é co-presenter of the series ‘Next in Fashion’ on Netflix and a new campaigner of Jacquemus.

For winter 2023, aGuest in Residence offers rugby jerseys in ‘color block’ – Guest in Residence

“Our launch with Net-A-Porter and Sense, and our planes shelter spaces at Bergdorf Goodman (our United States), showcases The space in Luisa Via Roma (em Itália), where there are other events”, continues Gigi Hadid, simultaneously founding the brand and artistic direction. brand to expand product offerings.

No guards for the Guest in Residence (abbreviated as GIR for our brand) are for adults, but also a cap for babies in two colors of many colors, for a mantle.

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