Brazil is the 3rd country in the world that most searched for LGBTQIA+ in the last year, according to Google – Época Negócios

Flag with the colors of the rainbow, symbol of the LGBT movement (Photo: Reproduction/YouTube)

Flag with the colors of the rainbow, symbol of the LGBT movement (Photo: Reproduction/YouTube)

At the LGBTQIA+ Pride DayO Google launched a special page with the subjects related to the community that generated the most interest in its search engine. The survey also points out that Brazil is the 3rd country in the world that most searched for LGBTQIA+ in the last 12 months.

“What does LGBT mean?” was the most searched question in the last 12 months in Brazil regarding the topic. Queries for the meaning of the acronym have increased by 90% in the last five years, which means that interest in the term has almost doubled in the period.

In 2022, interest in the LGBTQIA+ subject is the highest in the last 18 years, when considering the period from January to June. Since 2013, Google searches for the acronym hit a record every year in Brazil.

The survey also shows that people are interested in asking questions about the meaning of the lyrics: 7 of the 15 most asked questions about LGBTQIA+ are questions about the topic, including “What is queer?”, “What does LGBTQIA+ mean?”, ” What is bread?” and “What is bi?”.

Brazilians also want to find answers to get to know each other better. In the top 10 of the “how to know if I’m…” list of questions, four are about sexual orientations: bi, gay, lesbian and asexual. In addition, bisexuality is the most sought after sexual orientation along with this question. The question “how to know if I’m gay” rose by 30% in the last year.

LGBTQIA+ economics and entertainment

The special Google page brings data about the economy around the community and shows that, in the last year, Brazil is the country that most searched for “pink money” in the world. The term, used to refer to the purchasing power of the LGBTQIA+ community, increased ninefold between 2017 and 2022, compared to the previous five years – which represents an increase of 800%.

On YouTube, searches for LGBTQIA+ songs more than doubled in the last 30 days compared to the previous period. Since the beginning of the historic YouTube Trends series, in 2008, the most searched terms next to the acronym are movies, parade, series, songs, couple, among others. In addition, searches for the acronym have grown 15 times since 2017, compared to the previous five years.

In the ranking of songs related to the LGBTQIA+ community most searched on the video platform, in the last 12 months, songs by artists such as Demi Lovato, Conan Gray, Rihanna, Gloria Gaynor, Village People, Madonna, among others. A curiosity that the survey pointed out is that those who searched for “LGBT music” or “gay music” often also searched for the songs “I Will Survive” and “YMCA”, for the parody “Ai, Wilson, vai” and for the artists Pabllo Vittar , Sidney Magal and Gloria Groove.

In the audiovisual universe, “series” is one of the 10 most searched words alongside LGBTQIA+ in the last 12 months in Brazil, and the country is the 4th in the world that most searched for series on the subject in the last year.

In the general outline of the Google Trends historical series, which began in 2004, Brazil occupies the 3rd position in the world ranking of interest in LGBTQIA+ series.

To check the complete rankings, visit the special Google Trends page.

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