Brazilian Coffee Industry Association Promotes Commemorative Live

The purpose of the conference is to introduce the benefits of coffee as a food.

August 31st is Nutritionist’s Day, a day established to improve and advance research on food quality and the nutritional sector as a whole. To mark this occasion, the Brazilian Association of the Coffee Industry (ABIC) will host a live show on Instagram @abiccafe at 11:00am on the theme “Coffee is Healthy: Discovering the Benefits of Brazil’s Most Beloved Drink”.

To showcase the latest research on the health benefits of coffee, the broadcast is presented by Monica Pinto, ABIC’s Marketing Manager, who graduated in Nutrition from UFRJ and Cafe Logista. Cynthia Antonaccio is a nutritionist, entrepreneur and founder of Equilibrium Latam, an innovation-focused agency in health, nutrition and professional relationships, with a focus on well-being. He is also the founder of BHBFoods, an innovative and business creation ecosystem, but will appear as a guest. virtual meeting.

Experts will share their views on the latest studies and studies that reveal the positive aspects of coffee’s health benefits for humans. Monica explains the motivation behind this effort: “One of the pillars of ABIC is to inform the public and encourage quality consumption. There are still questions, and this day is an excellent opportunity for us to clarify some points on this subject.”

In this way, participants can expect a rich and informative discussion based on scientific data about how coffee can contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

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