Brazilian Marcelo runs out in tears after seriously injuring an opponent

Retired from Brazilian selection since the end of the 2018 World Cup, Marcelo has been back in his native country since last February where he plays under the colors of Fluminense. During the Copa Libertadores match between his club and Argentina Juniors in Buenos Aires on Tuesday, the former Real Madrid player made a shocking gesture, albeit involuntary.

At the start of the second half, the left-back faced opposition defender Luciano Sánchez. After taking a step forward, the Brazilian gained support with his foot on the left tibia of the Argentine, whose leg was immediately twisted. Sent off for this behaviour, Marcelo went off the lawn in tears after this horrific injury.

Marcelo voiced his support for Sanchez via an Instagram post. “Today I faced a very difficult time on the field.Marcelo said. I accidentally injured one of my comrades. I want to wish him the best possible recovery. With all the power in the world. ,, “Fluminense FC expresses its solidarity and wishes a speedy recovery to Argentina Juniors defender Luciano Sánchez, who suffered a concussion during tonight’s game”, Informed the Brazilian club.

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