Brazilian participant in BIG BROTHER reveals relationship with NEYMAR; see the sister

THE Brazilian Indy Santosonly participant from Brazil in the 24th edition of Big Brother in the United Statesrevealed to know the star Neymar and Bruno Cabocloformer basketball player NBA.

At the height of its 31 years, the sister entered the reality and has already become one of season highlights which debuted on the 6th.

Current resident of Los Angeles, Indy Santos is from São Paulo, from Morro do Pacheco community in Santos.

Reproduction/Instagram Indy Santos
Brazilian sister reveals relationship with player Neymar – Reproduction/Instagram Indy Santos

During the edition of the program, the participant declared to be friend of Neymar, current player of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), and Bruno Caboclo, former athlete of Toronto Raptors.

The comment reverberated not just inside the house Big Brotherbut also in social networks.

At the twitterthe companions of the reality did not let the information pass.

Does Indy know Neymar?? Oooh girl has connections! #BB24,” exclaimed one viewer.

Indy says he knows Brazilian star Neymarsaying that they have friends in common”, reported another netizen.

Indy Santos and Brazilian soccer star Neymar, met at school when the participant studied with friends of the athlete from Santos soccer club.

The relationship with Bruno Caboclobasketball player with passage through the NBAto be continued firm to the present day and is also ancient.

“With some meetings watered with a lot of good humor and wine“, revealed the Indy Santos to g1.

You American Big Brother contestants began to question whether Indy Santos was a celebrity in Brazilwhich can influence the sister game strategy.

In a most recent publication in your Instagram profilethe accessory of Indy Santos wished her good luck for the Brazilian in international season.

Indy Santosour Brazilian queen, we are super proud and excited to see you this season of Big Brother USA” posted.

“We will be out here cheering, vibrating and sending out positive energies throughout your life. stay in the house!”, he added in the caption.

Check out the publication of Indy Santos, Brazilian participant in Big Brother USA:

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