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The Brazilian audiovisual industry began to undergo transformations, largely because of streaming services, which quickly identified the need to produce national content, with the face of Brazil.

One of these proofs is the greater ease that national productions and producers have come to find to place themselves and be watched abroad.

There is recognition.

As an example, we can mention the movie “Tudo bem na Natal que vem”, written by Paulo Cursino and starring Leandro Hassum, and which was among the most watched in the world by Netflix.

This was a case that drew attention. May so many others reach the same repercussion and, who knows, with that, conditions will also come to exist to break certain taboos.

Brazilian films and, consequently, their actors, unlike soap operas, have always found it difficult to place themselves in major cinema awards. “O Pagador de Promessas”, in Cannes, for more than 50 years, winning the “Palm d’Or”, was one of the exceptions.

Another, Fernanda Montenegro, who came very close to winning the Oscar, with “Central do Brasil”. Now we have the success of Wagner Moura.

It’s time to turn this game around. Creative exchange, already in place, could prove to be much more useful from now on.

it’s from the game

CNN Brasil, yesterday, in its newscasts, showed the goals of the Copa do Brasil, matches held on Wednesday.

Until then, normal. The transfer of images has always existed, exists and is perfectly natural among TVs.

But pay attention

The problem is that in the bids presented by CNN Brasil, at the top of the screen appeared “images: TV Band”. Impossible.

The Band does not have the rights to the Copa do Brasil. It’s Globe.


For some time now, complaints from members of Globo’s sport have grown too much, with some decisions taken within.

Curiously, director Renato Ribeiro is preserved from criticism, but there are complaints about the clumsiness of the people below him.

For example

Internally, preparations are underway at Globo for the broadcast of the World Cup, with everything related to the work that will be done in Qatar.

There is already a lineup of those who will, but it is curious how no satisfaction is given to those who will not. Among them, professionals with a long time at home, who for years were and still are important in the construction of the broadcaster’s sports history. Not there for them. There are a lot of angry people.


After losing reporter Flávio Ortega, a sector manager for Corinthians, ESPN was left without fixed coverage of the two main teams from São Paulo in the Libertadores at stake.

Bibiana Bolson, who previously covered Palmeiras, left a long time ago. No one so far in their place.

Reflexes – 1

Some observations about “Primeiro Jornal” and the integration with other channels of Grupo Bandeirantes. The newsletter lost fifteen minutes, starting now at 4 am.

It started to be broadcast from the BandNewsTV studios – before it was the main one of the Band, the same of “Jornal da Band”, “Brasil Urgente”, “Bora Brasil”, “Boa Tarde, São Paulo” and others…

reflexes – 2

Faced with these changes to the BandNewsTV studios, “Primeiro Jornal” now has a much smaller team on the switcher. And it also has no more operators.

The cameras are robotic and fixed, as in all BandNewsTV programming.

empty chair

After Juliana Algañaraz left, Rede TV! there is no one taking care of your Artistic. Still.

Research is being done to arrive at the possible and ideal name. For the time being, Celso Tavares continues in front of Programming, as he already was, as well as Roberto Martins in Production.

And still

With the departures of Gretchen, Narcisa Tamborindeguy and Tokynho, “Encrenca”, Sunday, on Rede TV!, will have a different command.

In the presentation, Marcelo Barbur, the Beby, Bartho and Barbie, the trio of “Chupim”, who was already in the cast.


On Tuesday, he didn’t. He had the flu. But yesterday, Silvio Santos recorded normally on SBT.

And today, exceptionally, in order not to leave anything hanging, he will record again.


This Friday, at Tokio Marine Hall, formerly Tom Brasil, a show with the kids from Fundo de Quintal, one of the oldest in activity.

On the internet, the group has already surpassed the mark of 154 million views on the YouTube channel.


The reopening of one of the most important spaces in Brazilian audiovisual, Cinemateca, in SP, is highlighted in this Friday’s “Metrópolis”, at 7:20 pm, on TV Cultura.

Dira Paes, currently in “Pantanal”, also participates in the program.

did not give another

Yesterday, Conmebol proclaimed Globo as the winner of the Libertadores bid. SBT will play the South American. And it also announced Disney and Paramount as winners on closed TV.

All exactly as it has been sung around here for a long time. guess? Of course not.

Have more

It is also possible to assure, with absolute certainty, that Globo and Disney are the new holders of the Nations League rights, which in the past belonged to Turner and HBO.

UEFA announcement. Games start now in June.

Movie theater

Fernanda Paes Leme, Maria Flor, Micheli Machado and Priscila Assum, the protagonists of “Quatro Amigas Numa Fria”, will participate in two film launch sessions.

The first, on the 16th, Monday, in Rio, and the other, on Tuesday, the 17th, in São Paulo.

Band TV – 55 years

Fausto Silva will welcome Lexa and Marcos & Belutti at his “barbecue” this Friday, in the musical part.

Ana Paula Padrão and Rodolfo Schneider also participate, to talk about “MasterChef” and the 55th anniversary of Band TV, completed today.

Faro time

Sheila Mello will participate in this Sunday’s “Vai Dar Namoro/Dança Gatinho”, alongside Rodrigo Faro.

The program will pay tribute to Canadian singer Shawn Mendes.

Hit – Rebate

• On her return, Miriam Leitão’s program on GloboNews, which promised “news”, remained the same as it always was. One interview and that’s it.

• Actor Pedro Wagner, from Netflix’s “Irmandade”, joined the cast of “The Game That Changed History”…

• … It will be the character Amarildo, president of the Residents’ Association of Vigário Geral…

• … They also record the series Vanessa Giácomo, Talita Younann, among many others. Produced by Globoplay and Afroreggae.

• In “Vou Te Contar”, today, at 12 pm on Rede TV!, Claudete Troiano visits the city of São Roque and shows the production of wines and a Portuguese sweets house.

• By the way, Rede TV! will broadcast exclusively on open TV the Free Fire women’s championship “Taça da Patroa”, a launch that will have the singer Anitta as godmother…

• … The 1st phase of the competition will take place on the 28th and 29th of May and on the 4th and 5th of June.

• On Bandeirantes radio’s “Antenados”, this Saturday at 10 pm, Danilo Gobatto welcomes Lucinha Lins and Bárbara Bruno, from the show “As Meninas Velhas”, on display at Teatro Itália Bandeirantes.

• … And a chat with Miss Brazil and Miss Universe runner-up Julia Gama.

• The Viva channel seems to have put aside the initiative to produce remakes of programs…

• … He has been much more dedicated to reruns, which have always been his business. The results, of course, are still very good.

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