Brazilian tells how she became one of the rare 295 people that Messi, followed by 341 million, follows on social media

Frann Psouza, 24, is one of 295 people followed by the star on Instagram

Among the personalities of the football world with the most followers on Instagram – there are 341 million at the moment -, Lionel Messi gives very few people the ‘honor’ of being followed by him. And among the only 295 profiles that the star follows, is that of a Brazilian.

Frann Psouza, 24, is one of those lucky people who also have the Argentine’s follow on the social network. She is responsible for managing the page ‘@Messimaniacas’, a fanpage dedicated to Messi on Instagram. And the account is the only one in the niche that is followed by the player from argentina national team It’s from Paris Saint-Germain.

In an interview with the Argentine newspaper helloFrann revealed the details that made her page – which has 430 thousand followers – being followed by Messi and said that it all started in 2014.

“He started following us in 2014, I have no idea why. When I saw it I didn’t believe it, I swore it was a fake profile and let it go“, he began by saying.

The page is entirely dedicated to the star, with images of Messi in the national team, PSG and even his former club barcelona. Photos of shirt 10 lifting cups are also frequent.

And in addition to following the fanpage, Messi also interacts with Frann’s profile. As for example in 2015when the player returned the affection on account of a video produced in his honor, showing support after the runner-up for the Chile at America’s Cup of the same year.

“Thank you so much for the gift for you and for all those who took the time to participate in this. Big hugs to all”, wrote Messi at the time, which also left the Brazilian in ecstasy.

“Messi gave us immense joy. He liked and commented on the video we made for him… There are no words to thank him for the affection he has shown us”, he continued.

Finally, the Brazilian who has her profile followed by Messi also revealed that managing the page dedicated to the star is not easy either. Especially being from Brazil, see the rivalry with the ‘hermanos’.

“Sometimes the attacks I receive for liking Argentina are very strong and I have to spend several days away from the internet”, he revealed.

“I’ve never been cursed as much as when Argentina went to the Copa America final and I celebrated,” he continued.

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