Brazilian world champion reveals real reason for Messi leaving Barcelona and going to PSG

the output of Lionel Messi of barcelona has not yet been digested by all football fans. After forming the base of the club and conquering everything he disputed for the club, his cost-free and melancholy departure still pays to this day, almost a year later.

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The former side bellettiwith passages through barcelona and Brazilian Teamexplained what he knew about the transfer recently to journalist Bibiana Bolson, in her program B6 Podcast.

“As far as I know, he (Messi) wanted to stay at Barcelona forever. Sometimes I would travel with the team and exchange ideas with him. But it’s the twists that football gives. As much as you have a career plan, that you have a guideline, it’s not just up to you. It depends on the result on the field, and off it”.

Second bellettithe permanence of Messi could have been made possible if Barcelona’s board had adopted a stance aimed at short-term results.

“As much as the Brazilian teams have very short-term guidelines, and those abroad have long-term guidelines, in this one (Barcelona), probably the direction must have thought of something more in the long term. And that causes some changes”, explained Belletti.

As for the departure of Messi to the PSGthe transfer also surprised the former teammate of the Argentine.

“As soon as the question of where he would go, I thought he would go to the Premier League. I was also surprised that he went to PSG, but you can also understand that it’s not easy to make any kind of decision at this level of his. Put us in Messi’s shoes to make that decision? You can’t do that. He’s one of the greatest of all time”, concluded the former player.

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