Breaking News…Hawk TV Programmer Serhan Asker Detained

Hulk TV programmer Serhan Asker said he was detained by police in Izmir, where he had gone to shoot.

The trooper said he learned on the plane that there was an arrest warrant for him.

Serhan Asker said in his statement on his personal social media account: “The police removed me from the plane at Izmir airport, where I had come to shoot Tomorrow’s Glorious Memories… There was an arrest warrant for me…” Said.

In his second post, the soldier said, “I am being made to wait at the airport police station. There is no vehicle to take me to the court…”

This is how he was taken to the courthouse

Halk TV Izmir reporter Yagmur Beryl Varol shared the latest information about Serhan Asker.

Verol said he was put into a vehicle and taken to the Izmir Courthouse. “We learned that he is wanted at the Antalya First Peace Criminal Court and there is a case pending against him. His statement will be taken in the ongoing case.” Said.

In this way Serhan Askar was taken to Izmir Courthouse.

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