Breast cancer: “Belle & Rose”, an association that gives a voice to patients and caregivers

Marlène Gallouedec created the association she would have liked to find when she learned of her breast cancer at age 28 in 2015.

She went through the illness like a warrior, with only one certainty anchored to her body: “I want to live !” In 2015, Marlène Gallouédec was only 28 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. When she returned to work after two and a half years off, this whole ordeal was still too fresh but the idea of ​​an association was already there. It was the beautiful photo exhibition on the arenas, organized last year for Pink October with Crédit Agricole du Languedoc where she works, in partnership with the town hall and the University Hospital which gave her the spark. A few months later, Belle & Rose was born.

“We are no longer the same afterwards”

“When I was sick, and afterwards, which is also a delicate moment, I looked for associations that could support me, there are some great ones, but nothing suited me,” explains the young woman. How to remain a woman after a mastectomy? Can I go to the beach, put on makeup, go clubbing? “We are no longer the same after cancer. How do I live with my new self?”testifies Marlène whose association lives a lot on all social networks to reach the youngest too.

Objective: tirelessly encourage screening, share experiences, offer listening and kindness. Every month, she presents a podcast with a testimony from a patient or a caregiver, like that of Raymond, a moving father, who puts words to the unspeakable. “If it helps even one person, it’s already a win!” says Marlène, who is teeming with ideas.

Podcast, pink boxes, evening…

For Pink October, Belle et Rose will also distribute 500 boxes with beauty products inside to hospitalized patients, thanks to the help of Crédit agricole du Languedoc and the MSA du Languedoc. A photo exhibition prepared with Pauline André will be presented in the hall of the CHU and the ICG and at the town hall.

And on October 3, the association is organizing a big charity evening at the Chouleur hotel with a showcase by Louane who is the godmother “very invested and hyperpresent” from the Association. “Belle & Rose is also my therapy. It gives meaning to everything I’ve been through.”

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