Breast cancer, does armpit deodorant increase the risk?

Can classic armpit deodorant increase the risk of developing breast cancer? These are the suspicions of many people: what science says.

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A lot of people have raised the question: Armpit deodorant can increase the breast cancer risk? The blame could be attributed to the substances contained in the product, such as parabens and aluminum, elements that would prevent normal sweating, and therefore the expulsion of toxins from the body.

These ingredients, to keep the skin fresh and fragrant, create a kind of protective film that it does not transpire the skin, triggering the possibility of a tumor-like development. But is it all true? To give an answer comes the National Federation of the Order of Doctors, which raises the problem raised by many and tries to analyze it with criteria.

Do deodorants promote breast cancer?

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There are no scientific studies to back this up, but certainly, this news has sparked a number of concerns among women. A novelty that is not very reassuring, and that many people have taken seriously. The main blame for health problems, according to those who spread the news, would be because of the aluminum salts.

These would prevent the glands from producing sweat, and therefore from not emitting bad odors, leaving the skin perfumed for a long time. Aluminum could do reaction with estrogen in breast tissue, thus increasing the risk of tumor development.

However, no research has highlighted this problem, so it is not known for sure whether it is aluminum that causes breast cancer to develop. And we don’t even know if the parabensorganic components present in almost every cosmetic.

This news, however, spread following a study conducted a few years ago, which highlighted the presence of parabens in some breast cancer tissues. Yet, even in this case, there is no concrete research to provide a certain answer that can dispel any doubt.

So why do most cancers develop in the outer area of ​​the breast, which is near the armpit? The doctors exclude that this happens for the use of the deodorant, thus denying this alarming news, considered a fake news. Rather, they explain why the tumor is concentrated more in this area: simply because here, the gland takes a larger area of ​​tissue.

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