Brescia women’s football is presented to the city, goal: “Become your Dream”

Brescia. Official presentation day for the Brescia Calcio Female First Team which, in the Vanvitelliano Hall of Palazzo Loggia and in the presence of the Mayor of Brescia Emilio Del Bono, showed up with the squad and staff as usual at the beginning of the season.
«I am very happy that Brescia Calcio Female has once again chosen a symbolic place of our city for its official presentation – the words of the Mayor Emilio Del Bono -. And I am even happier that this glorious company had a person like the president Clara Gorno who with great passion decided not to let her die. I am confident that the girls will be able to give us a season of great, real satisfaction
Lionesses ».

«Thanks to Mayor Del Bono for allowing us to use a space so beautiful and full of
history – the comment of the president of Brescia Calcio Female Clara Gorno -. These girls make great sacrifices to be able to cultivate their dream, and they absolutely deserve moments like this. I also like to remember that it is true that the First Team is the “showcase” of the Company, but the Brescia Calcio Female is also much more, especially a Youth Sector that aims to give more and more girls and girls the opportunity to start sports. , first of all because it is right to give girls the same chances of being able to play as boys; and then because a strong and thriving nursery will be a great possibility of growth for the first team as well. To the Leonesse, who started the championship on the Lazio field in a very positive way on Sunday, I often speak so they know what I think. Here I publicly say that I am proud of them and that I am sure they will do well ».

Brescia women's football

«I thank the Company for giving me this opportunity – the words of Ashraf Seleman, Brescia coach -. I have been here for a week but I can say that I have already breathed an air of great cohesion, of great belonging, of great closeness between all the components. This is
certainly an important aspect, a detail that can make a difference. On Sunday we played a good game, did good things, others a little less. But this is football, we work to improve. With the girls and the staff we are ready for this journey which will be long and very difficult, but I am sure that we will be able to have our say and sell our skin dearly every Sunday ».

«The team is strong – the words of Veronique Brayda, captain of the Leonesse -. It is a great group that has in cohesion and unity of purpose the strength that made us come close to Serie A last season and which I am sure will give us the opportunity to play every game even now. The words “Become your Dream” that we have printed on the back of the neck is what I wish for all my companions, and it is what we hope to achieve all together ».

1 – Alice Lugli 14/10/1996 – New (Sassuolo)
32 – Sara Ferrari 17/05/1999 – New (Cortefranca)
82 – Chiara Trevaini 02/01/2004 – Spring
2 – Guya Vavassori 14/09/1995 – New (Cortefranca)
6 – Chiara Viscardi 08/13/1999 – Confirmed
8 – Chiara Barcella 31/07/1992 – Confirmed
12 – Caterina Fracaros 04/07/2001 – Nuova (Inter, loan)
14 – Elisa Galbiati (14/02/1992) – Confirmed
15 – Chiara Ripamonti (31/03/2001) – Nuova (Fiorentina, loan)
17 – Laura Perin (15/07/1997) – Confirmed
78 – Letizia Angoli (18/02/2004) – Spring
4 – Laura Ghisi (25/07/1998) – Confirmed
10 – Cristina Merli (02/05/1995) – Confirmed
11 – Fanni Pietikainen (05/08/1999) – New (Oulu, Finland)
21 – Gaia Farina (08/10/2002) – Confirmed
23 – Serena Magri (19/01/2001) – Confirmed
25 – Elena Panza (22/01/2003) – Spring
30 – Gaia Bianchi (26/02/2003) – Confirmed
33 – Maria Bortolin (03/12/2003) – New (Sampdoria)
48 – Veronica Pedrini (23/10/2004) – Spring
77 – Giulia Lumina (01/05/2004) – Spring
7 – Veronique Brayda (03/08/1995) – Confirmed
9 – Zala Kustrin (18/06/1998) – New (Radomljie, Slovenia)
18 – Luana Merli (31/12/1987) – Confirmed
20 – Jenny Hjohlman (13/02/1990) – Confirmed
22 – Sofia Pasquali (22/09/2001) – Confirmed
27 – Camilla Tengattini (30/06/2003) – Confirmed
71 – Teresa Fracas (04/03/2001) – Nuova (Sassuolo, loan)

COACH – Ashraf Seleman
VICE COACH – Laura Armanni
ATHLETIC TRAINER – Emiliano Giuffrida
SOCIAL DOCTOR – Ennio Favara
TEAM MANAGER – Roberta Ballabio
WAREHOUSE – Silvio Garbellini

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