Bresh arrives in Sicily with his “Oro Blu Tour”: “I can’t wait to get to Sicily”

After the success of “Angelina Jolie”, the new album by the Genoese rapper Bresh “Oro Blu”, at the top of the Fimi / gfk and Spotify charts, has literally “split”, a huge success that will surely be confirmed in the upcoming summer tour in Sicily on July 1, in Castellammare del Golfo (piazzale Stenditoio) and on July 5 at the Piccolo Festival di Bagheria (Piccolo Parco Urbano). Both dates are organized by Puntoeacapo di Nuccio La Ferlita.

With currently 1.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Bresh, the stage name of Andrea Brasi, comes from the collective imagination of Drillinguria, a Genoese wave characterized by texts that tell the story of everyday life in maritime songwriting poetry. In 2020 he released his first official album “Che Io mi Aiuti”, considered one of the most beautiful debut albums of that year, the single “Angelina Jolie” which is among the most listened to on the web platforms.

In “Oro blu” there is the single “Andrea” which tells about your journey so far.

“More than an introspective piece, it is a sharing that I wanted to do with the public of how I was, of my beginnings, of my passion for music. A song that highlights the desire to make music, the one that continues to accompany me “.

When did you realize that was the way to go?

“I was 14 and I went to Genoa to attend a Fabri Fibra concert, after that evening I remember coming home and starting to write. That concert was my initiation, I had already written before, but after that evening I had really clear ideas “.

Andrea aka Bresh, why?

“My friends have always called me Bresh, initially I didn’t want to choose him, I saw him too” xenophile “then I decided that that would be the stage name”.

The disc is an invitation to rediscover the essentials and take care of them. The sea and the theme of travel are often recurring in your texts.

“The sea is part of my way of being, I grew up in Genoa, since I was little I spent the summer at the sea, that’s why in my creative thoughts I refer to water, the sea, because everything starts from there and yes rejoins there “.

You have collaborated with interesting artists, from Rkomi to Francesca Michielin, Tony Effe, Gli Psicologi. What experience was it?

“Very positive. Collaborations help to grow, to confront artists who are musically distant from me. With Rkomi we have been friends since we were little, with Tony Effe we ​​found ourselves in “Fottiti” and we had a lot of fun “.

Did you expect the success of “Angelina Jolie”?

“I knew it was a catchy piece but I didn’t really expect this success. Then often and willingly the pieces that have upset your life you end up hating them or not wanting to listen to them anymore. In reality I didn’t want to stop at the success of a song and I think that “Blue Gold” is the demonstration that I have a lot of things to say “

In the record there is a particularly radio slant. To what extent is it wanted?

“In reality, I gave space to creativity as well as sounds, those are obviously important, I like that a piece sounds good, initially the melody has priority over the text because it creates the context, the structure of a piece. In the disc there is a great variety of genres, the pieces are more mature and well structured, all this will surely be the extraordinary glue that binds the disc to the tour, a great music party where the public can give space to all the energy inside “.

What do you expect from the Sicilian public?

“The warmth that distinguishes him, I am a rapper, I will be the driver of the concert, I expect the audience to let themselves be carried away by the wave of the” Oro Blu Tour “I can’t wait to arrive, if the heat of the audience falls on me turning into sweat on him will mean that the party will be truly unforgettable “.


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