Brian Austin Green thanks for support after Megan Fox’s attack. He is also defended by Tori Spelling!

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green with the kids
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Brian Austin Green was recently attacked on Instagram by Megan Fox. The parting spouses quarreled over the photo with the child. Megan accused Brian of wanting to show her in a bad light as a degenerate mother. Many of his fans and friends stood up for the actor. A few days after the incident, Brian Austin Green thanked him for his support.

Brian Austin Green thanked his fans and friends for the support he received after the recent attack from his wife. On Halloween Megan Fox she criticized her husband for “promoting” himself as the father of the year.

It went for a photo with his son in a Halloween disguise, what Brian Austin Green posted on his Instagram.

I would like to thank everyone who stood behind me and expressed their support. It is very nice and I appreciate it very much.

Let’s be nice to each other and love one another

– He said Brian Austin Green in a special recording he posted on his Instagram.

“Best Parent I Know”

Brian Austin Green He included his thanks as part of the video in which he showed what his home … hen house looks like. In the description of the post, the actor wrote that this is what he is doing “when the kids are at school”. It did not go unnoticed by fans – one of them wrote a malicious comment:

She is because SHE might get mad that you used the word “children”.

After the attack by Megan Fox on the side of her colleague from the set “Beverly Hills, 90210” she faced, inter alia, Tori Spelling. Donna, who played the role, posted a photo with Brian and Jennie Garth (Kelly series) on the web.

I’ve been with these two for decades and watched them both grow up and become wonderful people. We are all parents now. And Jen and Bri are two of the best parents I know

– she wrote Tori Spelling.

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