Briatore, at Crazy Pizza a photo of Julia Roberts from Michele

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In recent days Flavio Briatore has become the protagonist of a controversy against Neapolitan pizza, even coming to question its origins, yet inside the Milanese headquarters of his Crazy Pizza he has decided to put a photo of Julia Roberts on display eating a Margherita at the Antica Pizzeria da Michele. If on the one hand she has distanced herself from the plate, then, on the other hand it is right inside her place that recalls one of the pillars of the Neapolitan tradition.

Briatore, at Crazy Pizza a photo of Julia Roberts from Michele

The well-known entrepreneur, criticizing the low costs, openly sided against Neapolitan pizzerias by strongly emphasizing the maximum quality of the pizzas sold (up to 65 euros) in his premises. “They don’t take the products we take, I guarantee it” – he declared, insinuating the use of scarce raw materials by Neapolitan restaurateurs.

In addition, he expressed a personal opinion on the dish itself, stating: “I don’t like Neapolitan pizza because it has too much side dish and a lot of yeast. I like Roman pizza, the thin one. For example in Salerno they make a different pizza, thinner than in Naples, then everyone has their own taste. I prefer to eat Roman pizza “.

“It is not true that the pizza is Neapolitanyou eat it all over the world “ – continued in an attempt to deny even the origins of the Neapolitan specialty. Words that underline the distance between Neapolitan pizzerias and the Crazy Pizza chain.

Briatore’s goal, in fact, is to offer customers a gourmet dish that has nothing to do with the “poor” one consumed in Naples. Yet, in the light of his statements, it seems strange to cross the threshold of Crazy Pizza in Milan and see a photo that celebrates the Neapolitan tradition: that of Julia Roberts, taken from the film Eat, love, pray, who indulges in a tasty Neapolitan Margherita at the tables of the Antica Pizzeria da Michele. A hymn to Neapolitanism right in the local entrepreneur who has firmly distanced himself from it.

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