Bridge of Halloween and All Saints, we go towards the first November in history; let’s see what it means »

Weather: Halloween and All Saints’ week, we go towards the first November in history; let’s see what it means

Infinite Novembrata like never before in historyThere Third Ottobrata is already in place on Italy and will reach its peak right between Halloween and the All Saints’ Bridge (from Saturday 29 October to Tuesday 1 November), when it will give rise to an extraordinary one November, the first in history in Italy.
We are facing a record anticyclonic phase, both for its persistence and for its diffusion. Such a rare and anomalous situation for this autumn month, like is not remembered in living memory.

But let’s do order on the events that await us in the coming days. After Third Ottobrata of the month with the domination of the anticyclone Scipio (until Friday 28 October), theHalloween anticyclone (29 October-1 November), even more powerful and monstrous. The historical one will then follow November immediately after All Saints.

So here we are with another one invasion of the sub-tropical anticyclone which will bring back purely summer conditions on Italy, beautiful sunny days and above all temperatures very anomalous, with values ​​up to 6/8 ° C above average seasonal of the period.
A forecast trend that is confirmed by the European Meteorological Center (ECMWF), which shows a dominant African anticyclone not only on the whole Italian territory, but also on most of the western Mediterranean (France and Spain) and on many other European areas. A meteorological phase purely anomalous and unusual for the season, which will give us a clear late summer period, with temperatures strongly above average, not only in the plains, even in the mountains. The mercury could go up up to 27/29 ° C in several Italian cities. The only discordant note, the possible return of mists (which are typically generated in autumn during the longest anticyclonic phases), which will mainly affect sectors of the Po Valley and some internal areas of the Tuscany.

A “African blaze” truly infinitywhich risks having repercussions even at the start of the new month of November, transforming itself in all respects into a real November.

It is obviously about medium-long term forecast, so there may still be changes on the part of forecasting models. It will therefore be appropriate to wait a few more days to have a clearer and more reliable picture, especially for the first week of November.

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