Bridgerton 3, everything we know about the new season, from the cast to the release date

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Benedict and the Cinderella-style love story

The third and fourth seasons of Bridgerton have already been announced but will not follow the order of the books: according to the novels, in fact, these episodes they should have had Benedict as the protagonist, in a sort of Cinderella-style love storybut since Colin is more loved, the production has staked everything on him, in spite of the time jump of over ten years that takes place on paper.

He will talk about his love affair with Penelope, whose trust he betrayed with a rude comment in front of friends (in Notting Hill Julia Roberts defined them as «masculine bluster» … and how to blame her?). In the final episode of season two Eloise learns the truth about Lady Whistledown and, once again, the Shonda Rhimes series (Grey’s Anatomy) anticipates events and messes the cards on the table, making the two best friends fight furiously.

No Duke of Hastings

Among the certainties of the near future there is the absence of Regè-Jean Pagewho – now very launched between cinema and fashion – would be happier with a recasting than a return in the role of the Duke of Hastings, husband of Daphne (Phoebe Dyvenor).

A real change of cast, however, takes place for the role of Francesca Bridgerton: from now on she will have the face of Hannah Dodd, who replaces Ruby Stokes (engaged as the protagonist of the Lockwood & co. Series).

Meanwhile, backstage videos and photos of the cast begin to leak, totally at ease with curlers on their heads, slippers on their feet and photobombing. If there was ever a need for confirmation onharmony of this delightful cast, just review the video of Tik Tok with which in spring he made records of views thanks to the lypsinch on the notes of Kesha. The best, she promises, is yet to come.

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