Brighton show new spectacle as Mitoma bolster Wolverhampton’s defense

Brighton remain one of the most interesting teams in the Premier League. Graham Potter’s excellent work has been bolstered by Roberto De Zerbi and the high level of last season has been replicated at the start of the new season. After scoring four goals in his debut against Luton Town, the Seagulls doubled against Wolverhampton in the middle of Molineux Stadium on Saturday. Even though by league standards they are a softer opponent, none of that diminishes Arbiazui’s advantage. In this 4-1 match, Kaoru Mitoma took the lead and took the lead with his personal technique of arranging markers. In the second half, guided by the vision of youngster Julio Enciso, three goals came in the first ten minutes.

Brighton have a lot of talent at their disposal. In the creative department, Solly March, Julio Enciso and Kaoru Mitoma formed a trio, with Danny Welbeck leading the attack. Brazilian João Pedro, newly signed from Watford, was an option on the bench. Wolverhampton, meanwhile, have not invested heavily this season, placing Joao Gomes and Mateus Nunes in midfield. Mateus Cunha paired up front with Fabio Silva.

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We still had some balanced shots in the first half. And thanks to Mitoma, I lost my balance. The wingers scored in the 15th minute. Attacks on his left flank sent the Japanese flying, but no one stopped him. He passed Nelson Semedo easily, but no one else could catch him. He opened up a gap between Wolverhampton’s two-line marks and allowed goalkeeper José Sa to finish easily. However, Wolverhampton looked to equalize before half-time. They created more chances despite lacking accuracy in shooting. Goalkeeper Jason Steele also made an impressive 1-1 save.

Brighton’s onslaught was engineered with a disastrous start to the second half. Pervis Estupignan doubled in the first minute. Danny Welbeck stopped goalkeeper José Sa and Mitoma assisted the Ecuadorian’s shot on the rebound. After that, Solly March shined with the success of Julio Enciso. The wingers scored the third goal on the counterattack thanks to a superb pass from Enciso. In the 10th minute, a pass from Enciso, this time on the other side of the field, solidified the rout with an extra goal in March.

Wolverhampton finally came to their senses after that. Mario Lemina made an incredible move to stop the crossbar and Steele saved Mateusz Cunha. In the following corner kick, Hwang Hee-chan scored a glorious goal with a deflected header. The Wolves even maintained some interest in a clearly resolved game. But he clearly could not mitigate the damage. There was more turmoil and Mateus Nunes was sent off for a second yellow card.

Brighton maintains a 100% advantage and still have an accessible duel in the next round. They will face West Ham at Amex Stadium. Batten will increase in the fourth game against Newcastle in the south of England as well. Wolverhampton, already scored zero at the start of the season, will face Everton. It will be a direct confrontation at the bottom.

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