Brigitte Bardot speaks of “hand in the buttocks”… And Ed Sheeran of the Super Bowl…

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August 17, 2023

Brigitte Bardot appreciated the “hands on the buttocks” during filming

“I loved having my hand put on my buttocks when I passed”: Brigitte Bardot is not very #MeToo, it seems. But if demonstrative feminism is not necessarily the priority of the great animal defender, her recent statement to the Point something to surprise!

Wandering hands, touching… these are attacks that persist on film sets and which are now denounced by many artists. But our national and international BB, free when the others were not and who, she says, has never been a woman-object, still assures today that these inappropriate gestures… were not. for her.

Ed Sheeran has no plans to perform at the Super Bowl

Jamel Comedy Club comedian Wahid Bouzidi hospitalized following a stroke

Terrible vacation for comedian and actor Wahid Bouzidi. According to the Moroccan news site Media 7, the 45-year-old Franco-Algerian actor suffered a very serious stroke while he was in Morocco, in Marrakech.

Hospitalized in a clinic, the one who was revealed in the first seasons of the Jamel Comedy Club would fight for his life. His audience encourages him on social networks, sending him their prayers and wishes for a good recovery. ‚ÄúCourage W(…) Read more at 20minutes

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