British actress makes unique revelations about her former relationship with CR7

Cristiano Ronaldo and Gemma Atkinson dated in 2007, when the player joined the Manchester United for the first time and lived in England, and now the British actress makes revelations about one of the first encounters with the ace. Currently 37 years old, engaged and with a daughter, the former model surprised by telling details about a night she spent with the player.

“We went to my house, drank tea and saw the ‘Only Fools and Horses’ [série britânica de renome]. Genuinely! I don’t know if he still likes it, but at the time it seemed like he did.” “When we broke up, I was offered so much money to talk about him… But I didn’t want any of that,” added Gemma Atkinson, who is currently engaged to the Basque dancer, Gorka Marquez, with whom he has a two-year-old daughter.

At the time the two separated, the actress made some controversial statements about Cristiano Ronaldo.

Asked by The Sun about the reasons that led to the breakup, Gemma spoke about the news that came to the public at the time that the player had hired prostitutes for a night of alcohol and sex at his house in Manchester. “I had a relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, But it all ended when I heard about the orgy with prostitutes,” he said, adding: “He didn’t end the relationship with me and I didn’t end the relationship with him either. Things ended by themselves.”

Cristiano Ronaldo does viral Tik-Tok dance

Cristiano Ronaldo allowed himself to be filmed on vacation doing a viral Tik-Tok dance. The Portuguese ace appears to dance “Unroll, Hit and Play Sideways”with the eldest son, little Christianthe niece Alicia Aveiro and one more child.

The video was shared on social media by Alicia, daughter of Hugo Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo’s older brother via Instastories and quickly went viral. “Deal with this family of tiktokers”, wrote the young Madeiran as a caption for the images, in which the player appears in a relaxed mode, wearing only black swim trunks.

See the video here.

Text: Patrícia Correia Branco; Photos: Playback social networks

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